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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Co-op list and raw food summary for past two weeks

I am doing pretty good on mostly Raw. The unraw stuff I've had in the past two weeks is a baked potato, stove top popped popcorn with salt and nutritional yeast to flavor. Today I made Chickpea Moroccan stew, which was all vegan and a big success in my house.The other day, I totally blew the Raw-thing on pasta and jarred vodka sauce. I couldn't resist the left overs. That's the only white flour and dairy I've had in a month. I won't be too tough on myself. Everything else was Raw Vegan. Once a seemingly healthy, quick meal, seemed like total junk food and a non-nutritious. Ugh, I put it in the microwave, too. Considering that I am packing to move and getting ready to go out of town for a wedding, I am amazed that overall it hasn't been to hard to keep up with raw. I usually have a daily smoothie, but I've been juicing a bit more the past few days. I am pretty happy with how most of my Raw concoctions have turned out. I usually don't share food that I prep -- pot lucks intimidate me-- because I could never cook, but many of the juices, desserts, or salads are coming out pretty good and I am glad to have some people to share with. Ok...sigh, I thought of another cooked quinoa meal I had that had some chicken stock in it, but we ate so much kale chips (it must have neutralized it) and it was so nice to have company. Going sugar-free, I felt like I would never be able to socialize around a plate of food again. But it is so nice to have so many people around me interested in eating better that I am not isolated to eating in my own house. Ok, ok... sigh, I thought of another cooked meal... We went to Chipoltes and I had a salad (with beans and chips). I guess I haven't done so good with Raw this past 2 weeks, lol. My intentions are pretty good. Maybe I should re-assess my goals and stick with it better. Sigh.

From co-op, most of this stuff is getting used up pretty fast on all the salads my family is enjoying:

broccoli crowns- This is John's favorite thing on a salad
romaine lettuce
red russian kale- I wasn't sure if this would be the same as the other kale we get. I made cheesy dehydrator chips and David ate them as the were being prepped. If David liked them, I guess they are good!
white mushrooms
red pepper-- not for me, but Scott and John both like this
jumbo yellow onion-- This is John's non-negotiable thing on a salad. He won't eat the salad if it doesn't have onions.
rutabaga-- any ideas for using this?
sunchoke-- I could use some help with this, too
pink lady apple
meyer lemon-- I usually make lemon aid with 3 lemons, 3/4 cup raw agave and water to fill a quart. This time I added a lime and club water as Leanna suggested (thanks Leanna) and my boys loved the soda. They couldn't believe I MADE SODA!
royal mandarin

Fruit Share:
orlando tangelo -- juicing with the large pink grapefruit one of my employees, Lucy, gave me still dirty from the fields. I love mixing citrus flavors.
kiwi (green)


fitncrafty said...

I think you should not be so hard on yourself! It sounds like your diet is incredible and to be able to share healthy whole food meals with others is amazing in itself!

Be proud to have so much raw whole foods. Most people don't eat that amount of raw in a month yet alone a day! You health shows it, so I saw relax and enjoy!

I will have to check out that Moroccan recipe!

Simply Life said...

yay! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the stew! Thanks so much for letting me know - I really appreciate it! :)

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

You are right to not bang on yourself much. Seriously, the more raw you eat the more you realize that you'd rather just eat raw more and more of the time, until finally all of the time happens. But give yourself the kudos for all the great things you are doing.

I just got another cheesy dip recipe to make more green chips with and so I'm excited to try it out! First I have to buy the greens, ha ha!

I'm so impressed that a medical professional is doing a raw lifestyle. I get a little cringy just thinking about telling a doctor that I'm doing a raw vegan lifestyle. But then again I am in San Antonio... at least my midwife understood.

Permission to Mother said...

Don't worry, I am not beating myself up over my menu planning. I am laughing at myself ( I like laughing at myself)as I think of more and more things that weren't raw... and I decided to publish it anyway. I have so many people who tell me they can't lose weight or are doing everything to get their cholesterol down "despite everything" they try. I challenge them to even come as close as I have to a raw diet (b/c their numbers WILL come down). I understand what you say about the more raw you eat, the more raw you want to eat. I look less forward to cooked vegetables because I do feel so good with fresh veggies, sprouts, chia, hemp. I feel like I am killing my veggies when I cook them. I do really like GSG approach. It's very flexible. When it comes to weddings, traveling, moving, and real life accomodations, we probably don't need every meal to be totally raw for optimal health. But I also am really enjoying trying all the raw ways to try foods and feel good.

Tara said...

Sunchokes! I have never eaten them but wanted to pass along this blog post from this blog I follow.

She has a lot of great raw recipes and such on there---enjoy!

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks Tara!

Happy Foody is the FIRST food blog I found. I found her chocolate drink that will change your life. Then I found GSG youtube video from a link on her site.

I was at a meeting with doctors today. When I told them what I do: give options, encourage good nutriton, less animal based products, individualized car, etc... One of the physicians told me I was trying to put us out of business. I couldn't beleive it.

Permission to Mother said...

I made a version of that sunchoke recipe. Sunchokes are yum. I am so glad I tried them. It's like when you get to the center of a artichoke there is hardly anything to eat, let alone share. Sunchokes are like a giant artichoke heart. Yum, yum, yum.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I enjoy my raw juices/smoothies (made with Vitamix, so still has the fiber too), but I don't really care for raw vegetables just to eat them. I'm really impressed with your diet.

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