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Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Day as Black Belts

When Scott saw William come out of the bathroom in his new black gee he was amazed, "OMG!You look like Hanshi!" After class, William says that you are treated like royalty from the peewees and the other black belts. We noticed previously, by observing the other black belts, that their instructors respect black belt status very much and you no longer got picked on. William found this to be true. Scott said he felt like he was at the beginning, the bottom of the black belts and only beginning.Black belts sit at the front of the class. And you can see David with his bright shiny new green belt. I think he is excited that he can see William and Scott now. And mutually I think the older boys like being positioned so they can keep an eye on David. The four new black belts with stiff new gees are lined up with their instructor leading class.
Black belts demonstrate the techniques to the rest of the class. For all you who are wondering about rank. In one year William and Scott can earn first degree. Two years after that you get second degree, three more years you get third degree and so on.... Hanshi, the teacher of teachers is a 1oth degree and 200 :) years wise.

Announcement: I can begin moving boxes tomorrow to our new house!


fitncrafty said...

Great photos! and it is awesome for then to reach a big goal and see that hard work and commitment really pay off.
I love the dojo, all the trophy's around the gym are impressive and ooh..boxing could be so fun!

Yeah for moving stuff in!! Hurray!! The wait is over....

VKT said...

What a precious family you have! I love the pics.

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