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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karate Countdown

The black belt testing is next week. The boys have been telling me "basically they are Sempei (prounouced -- semp I) now." In class last night Hanchi lined the rising black belts up in the front with the black belts and sure enough honored them with their earned titles: Sempei Scott and Sempei Will. I am glad they had a preview at being Sempei's (whatever the plural might be???). Already excited, I am glad they got a chance be distinguished and to experience their new roles. Both have gone through times where they wanted to quit. I know last night they were feeling their earned titles and glad they were made to go. David is such a little black belt in spirit. He lines up in front with the peewees and now he can see his brothers right in front of him.

William and Scott went to Roman Martial Arts in Georgia for a year and a half when they were Little Dragons (what I call peewees now). William was a strong beginner student. Scott was 4 and much more difficult. He didn't want to go in. He cried. Master Bradley told me it was okay to drop him off and go (or stay, whatever I wanted). He even through a tantrum and wound up nursing through class one time. He wasn't bashful in the least bit. Scott looks at disruptive peewees now and he really wants to set an example for them. He points out ones to me that he questions if there's hope for maturity and I tell him how he was. He can hardly believe it He has come a long way. He always wants to get there early and gets mad if I am late now. He doesn't want to miss anything. These photos are from one of their first testings as Little Dragons.
I am glad we made the effort to bring them three times a week these past few weeks. I can see how they have improved and strengthened. They had an interesting drill last night. Instead of sparring on their feet they all went on their knees and mostly used punches. Some of those kids are very tall and I like how it sort of neutralized their height differences. The usual sparring is a flag game. That is they tuck flags in the back of the belts and using your kicks and punches you defend your back. Don't let your guard down or someone will grab you'll flag and you'll be out. My boys are so clever at figuring out strategies. David wants Mary (hi Mary) to anchor a flag with a stitch to his belt. Then obvious no one will ever get him "out." :)

Williams hair is long now. I want to give William a military cut, a high and tight, or whatever you call it before his black belt testing. I think he would look good, intimidating, and like a new kid. I really like him with his hair short. We'll see......

1 comment:

fitncrafty said...

yes the military cut is called high and tight...

The boys have grown so much, Love the photos!!
Sure miss you guys!!!

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