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Friday, February 5, 2010

Produce day and Upcoming Meal Planning

My fridge was really running low on supplies Wednesday night so I was so glad to be able to pick up on Thursday. Wednesday has been the only night I cooked something. Israeli Brown Rice seasoned well... and popcorn made on the stove with real salt and nutritional yeast to top it. I am feeling really good eating all this raw stuff. I did miss some rice... but the popcorn... I knew if my kids asked me to make it I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off...

On Thursday we got:

Broccoli crowns
Green Kale - I made Kale Chips. I know it sounds like something something only some crazy raw vegan would eat, but WILLIAM ATE THIS. AND SO DID JOHN, DAVID and of course Scott. AND MAX.
Romaine Lettuce
Curly Parsley - Tabbouleh My husband loved this! We had no left overs! But I have another batch of parsley and a plant that is doing well in the yard!
Red Chopper Pepper - Scott likes this sliced fresh!
Colossal Garlic
White Mushroom - I am going to put these in my veggie patties I make this weekend.
Roma Tomato
Kent Mango
Navel Orange
Braeburn Apple
Ruby Grapefruit

Fruit Share:Blueberry, Honey Tangerine, Golden Pineapple (the top will go in the garden).

Once again I am so fortunate to have fresh herbs(chives, orgeno, basil, cilantro, dill, and more parsely), and greens aloe, arugula, and chard from my own garden and my friend's. Every bit will be savored.

To add to the variety, other things I am making in the upcoming days:

Almond butter I am going to soak, to activate, my almonds and put them in my food processor to make almond butter . I suppose another time I'll see if my Blendtec can make this as well. Does anyone know?

I found an oatmeal cookie recipe that calls for almond butter. I realized how much substitution I did. First batch was oat groats (from my friends grinder). The second batch I ran out of groats and put the whole grain in to my Blendtec and it grinded it easily into flour. I used coconut butter butter instead of almond butter and flax oil instead of coconut oil. We (Scott and I) used raisins in place of chips. My Blendtec also grinded the flax, but I mixed the batter in the food processor because I am in a kick to see what my food processor can do. I added the raisins at the end. I have a bunch frozen in my fridge.

While the dehydrator is running, I am going to experiment with the drying out apples and bananas. My kids will probably eat any fruit that goes in way before its done.

I'll be juicing the citrus together to mix the flavors and I have lots of great ingrediants for salds and smoothies.

A lot of people tell me that they want their food to taste good and try to justify not improving their habits because of taste. I am using fresh herbs and seasonings generously, and I like how much of this is turning out. The SAD diet can be extremely bland in terms of taste. In fact someone today told me how all their food was unsasifying and I remember feeling exactly the same way about 2 years ago.
(The photo is from an old share when Gerrie asked me to take a photo of the gorgeous spinach.) After seeing Lauren keep her garlic in a wiker basket, I started keeping mine in a little basket my grandmother gave me as a young girl. It's perfect for garlic!


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Fabulous! I just bought more lemons yesterday so I could make more cheesy dip and green chips! They are so delicious aren't they? We just can't get enough. I put as my facebook status what I was doing and someone told me I was crazy. HA! I suppose that is how it looks from the outside...But I'm so happy with everything I put in my mouth and how many people can say that? Occasionally we give in to popcorn as well. Nick says he needs something "breadlike" in his diet and this is his quick and easy way of getting it.
Btw I wanted to ask you about pacifiers. I sometimes feel bad about sticking a pacifier in my son's mouth but I can't seem to find any other way to console him at times. Any helpful tips?

Permission to Mother said...

About pacifiers... I assume you use your slings and carriers most of the time? There should be carriers to keep him on your back while you are in the kitchen. Many babies are comforted by this.

Are you comfortable nursing him for comfort. A lot of mothers get the societal message the nursing for comfort is a bad thing. If he nurses absolutely all the time, assuming he is healthy and chunky (and I think he is going by what you share), then a pacifier probably won't compromise your milk supply.
WoW! Raw breastfeeding mother! I can't wait to see how you (and Kristen) introduce solids and how it goes. What healthy babies you'll have.

Permission to Mother said...

I was looking at my photo from the September share. It amazes me how people think I eat the same thing all the time (fruit and boring salad). None of the veggies and fruit are the same as what I have now!

My husband ate a veggie pattie topped with tomato, avocado, alfalfa sprouts and he had some Quinoa salad. No complaining except he had other meals today that he quietly made himself.

Perhaps quinoa salad and oatmeal would help your husband get his grain fix. I've been eating oatmeal raw for a while I've added it to shakes. I've soaked it Almond Breeze milk and homemade milk overnight to have cereal in the am.

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I did order an Asian back carrier from a lady on etsy and it should be arriving tomorrow! Parker had to be held or worn all day today. I think once I get the new carrier that it will be easier to wear him more and then I won't have to lie him down where he will get fussy.
But today was rough he had this crying spell that I couldn't find a reason for and nothing I did could stop it. The first time it happened I used the binky (he refused the breast) and he calmed down but then the next time I decided he really needed to eat so I was more persistent at getting him to nurse and then he did and fell asleep. This happened again later.
I don't really care if society thinks that nursing for comfort is good/bad/ugly/etc because they aren't in my house paying attention to how I do things. So I just try to do what I think is best for me and my son. It seems like he usually only wants to nurse if he is hungry but maybe that isn't always the case because he nurses frequently during the day...? I don't even bother paying attention too much to how often he nurses, I just make sure it doesn't go too long in between his feedings. But he's always sure to let me know.
Btw what is your opinion of well baby visits? I was recently reading "How to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor" and that guy is totally against them. We decided against immunizations and I've gone twice to the ped and it just seems totally pointless. I know nothing is wrong with my baby so why am I taking him to the doctor? Last time as we sat in the sterile waiting room, he had to sit there with me and listen to another kiddo screaming his head off because he was getting his shots. Of course that made him cry (he is just so sympathetic, what else can I say?) and I felt bad for bringing him into an environment like that. I wish I could have gone and rescued that poor child from the miserable situation. Sometimes I wonder how parents can stifle their sensitivities so much that when their child screams in such agony and pain that they take the side of the doctor instead of wondering if the shots are really necessary. I guess I shouldn't judge other people though, I suppose they are more susceptible to infections and sicknesses eating the SAD.

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