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Monday, February 22, 2010

Remodel Update and Moving in Update

I've kept a private day-by-day blog, mostly photos, at for my family and I am ready to invite readers. As long as I recognize you, I'd love to have you visit that blog. If I don't know you and you are interested in remodel (or just nosey) let me know and identify yourself. In any case I am pretty certain I'll be posting room-by-room before and after on this, PTM, blog because I can't help but keep staring at the contrast. I am blown away looking back on my photo journey at how many wonderful updates we have made and how out dated it was before.

What was I thinking when we bought it.... check here (a backyard resembling a national park, maybe...). :)

John and I are really looking forward to having our friends over for Summer Cabin Fever fun. We've been living in a boring little hovel for the last few years and never, never invite anyone over.

I know that many of my readers know Alanna and she has delivered many of your babies. But I realize that not all of you realize her husband, Steve, has been our builder. Our families had done things together before and not needing a General Contractor, I never really realized what one does. We had a few "lay contractors/handymen" come over to the house initially and most of them told us what a lovely house we had and why would we want to change anything. I shoo'd them out, fast.

Bernadette has always told me G-d has perfect timing for birth. One day, John had a long to-do list for me after office hours. Go to Jetsons, go to kitchen remodel (meet their contractor), go do this and go do that. Let's get on and move in. No sooner did I leave John to start my honey-do list, I got a call from my friend Trish that she was in labor. I rarely go to birth and I was intent to follow through on my promise to go to her birth. John was going to love this. Instead of getting stuff done and moving forward, I was going to hang out while someone he doesn't even really know has a baby(that's something how he sees it anyway).

The birth turned out to be much more productive (from John's perspective) than I would have ever imagined. It was perfect Timing! I love empowered woman giving birth, but besides that, Trish and her husband just finished remodeling and sent me home with tile and granite samples and some direction. Not what John wanted me to accomplish, but non-the-less got me thinking. Trish and her husband are far more handy around the house with painting and tiling, they even added a tiled shower to the bathroom. John and I have had our noses in medical books all our lives and barely can use a drill (and every attempt at a home project is a total disaster). But interestingly while there, this is when Alanna had a chance to explain to me about her husband's business, Rubin Custom Homes. I had seen the gorgeous house they lived in. John and I wondered how everyone else manages to find a perfect home on a re-sale but us. We spent a long time looking for that perfect home. Little did I know they remodeled their home. We loved their home. Knowing his previous work and style, we had no doubt that night we had found our builder. Now, John and I have a perfect custom home that we are getting ready to settle in. We are so much going to enjoy this summer living in that house.

If you haven't seen or can't remember what this room in the picture was like before the remodel, you can click here. (It's so ugly, I don't feel like reposting it here.)

I am pretty excited that the final touches are happening this week as I begin to move in my stuff.


Rixa said...

Please add me!

Tara said...

Me too! Thanks!

Permission to Mother said...

Tara, I need your email address.

Perhaps anyone else can go on over to and request to get in, so I am not searching for email addresses.

Simply Life said...

wow! looks great!

Tara said...

oops! It's tarakristof at

Trish Chibas said...

I'm so glad Lainey's birth played such a big role in your BEAUTIFUL home! I was really glad you were there. Thanks for choosing me over the many errands you were suppose to run that day. ;)

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