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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekend Fun

John is working a lot less these days (since the first of the year) because Medicare replacement is only allowing their hospitalized patients to be cared for by hospitalists. Thus he is not spending as much time in the hospital on weekends and evenings because some one else is doing the work.

With him home this weekend we had a pretty good family weekend. We started off going to the farmer's market. I find it very important to keep fresh produce around if I am to plan my super healthy meals. I love the unpasteurized OJ I can get there. I look for variety so I am not eating the same thing everyday. For something different, I found red navels which have a short season and rhubarb that I sliced for my salad. I haven't had sun dried tomatoes in awhile and I' ve enjoyed adding them to my salads.
After that we went to my boy's friend's TKD Black Belt testing. Already, inspired and eager for their belt they are more inspired and besides themselves now waiting for test day. (Thanks Susanna, for taking a great photo of our boys.)
After that we went to a local fair. You can see they had a bunch of fun on the slides, bungee, and rock wall.
But the real accomplishment this weekend was getting my family dressed for an upcoming wedding. We are excited about John's brother getting married at the end of the month. Uncle Ed gave the boys the option of wearing tuxes and all three were very excited about this opportunity. It was so easy to get them fitted. We were in and out without tears and we go back a few days before the wedding to pick the tuxes up and make sure they fit. John got a suit.

But the real question is, if my boys where tuxes, what am I suppose to wear? I am not one to go pick out prom dresses. I have never worn one. I am not really that crazy about one-time use dresses. But somehow I got some good sales floor help and found a reasonable dress and shoes (Let's not get in to the wide width issue I have.), and that chore is done. I am sure if I hadn't stuck to a Vegan Raw these past 2 weeks and working out every day, this dress shopping thing would have ended empty handed and in tears for me. There, now you know what has motivated me beyond the usual to have a cleansing diet. :)

Two weeks was my goal and I made it, but I feel good and have more ideas for a few more Raw meals.

Scott made this climb look easy. He's ready for the Alps.

Max had fun meeting other Corgis.

David flipped a few times like the girl in the background!


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get out and have fun again.

Permission to Mother said...

Yes, you will! One day your little one will beg to climb, slide, kick and have a dog. I will still be reading your blog to hear all about it. :)

My dehyrdrator been running non-stop!!!!

Becky R said...

What a great weekend. Thanks for sharing with us.

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