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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food Co-op List

Usually I get a list that I repost. This week I didn't get a list. From my memory this is what we got:

Red leaf lettuce- lots of pretty salads
Green Chard- putting them in my smoothies, I mixed a few up with Kale to make kale and chard chips
Mushroom- I'd give some to Lauren if I se eher, in the meantime I've blended a few into a raw marinara sauce I made and a cream turnip/tomato soup. If I can't see them,I can deal with them.
Bok Choy- not my fav. I didn't get a ton, but adding a leaf or two to my salads as another green
Turnip- went into the cream soup I got off of simple, healthy, tasty.
parsly-- 1/2 the batch went to Toubouleh salad and the other half is the bitter herb for passover.
carrot- salad
zuccini- I tried using these to make the noodles for my raw marinara. Tasty, but not quite like I expected.
fennel- passed and left it
tomato- soup and salads, Actually not all my tomoatoes look good. I put those in my dehydrator and made "sun dried-tomatoes."
Apple- this is an important ingrediant for smoothies. It makes them sweet.
Banana- making alot of banana hemp smoothies from Kristens Raw
Blue Berry

Green Kiwi, Pine Apple, Oranges

I've been busy still with packing and unpacking. Now that I am in the new house, I am making trips to the old house to get more boxes and clean out. I'll be unpacking for a while. My computer and camera gear is not all set up. You'd think that would be priority! I'm sharing my husband's computer and about to get booted off. I actaully am enjoying the diversion. I wanted some extra motivation to eat healthy and excercise during this transition and started another blog to help me. You can find it by going to my profile. If my eating habits don't bore you, come on over.

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