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Sunday, March 21, 2010

One week after the move

I've been in my summer cabin for a week now. In the move I couldn't find my camera for a few days. I still can't find the cord to download my photos. I never realized how much my photos inspired me to add to this blog. I've been almost too busy to sit down and concentrate on posting much. We went a few days before hooking up the Internet here. The my computer crashed. My boys were going crazy without access to their on-line games. My blackberry came in handy. I love getting my emails, text, and blog comments on the go and not being tied down to the desk. We moved the day we urn the clocks ahead. I woke up the next day not knowing where anything was nor what time it was. I am one who takes a long time to figure out how to use a new appliance, let alone how to figure out a whole new house. I've been in a fog for a few days.

We went to our old house to try to finish cleaning out. What a mess. Made me really appreciate that we are on this side of things. The only thing I think I'll miss is not actually the house, but how safe it is to walk long distances over there at night. I'll miss some of the neighbors, too. But I will have a chance to see them.

William is having the first sleep over here with his gaming friends. We've been telling him for months he can have his friends over when we finally are stable. He is happy. Scott and I went out on the kayak this morning. It is gorgeous here this time of year to be doing that.

We did give William and Scott a nice long break from academics. William finished the first semester of Math just before packing up and he's going to start again soon. I am going to start Scott with his BartonReading in April along with his math. Scott has done a ton of reading on his own. I actually think he benefited from taking a break from curriculum because it gave him time to explore his own interests. He's had friends over, too.

I've been able to maintain my high raw and daily smoothie through our move. I am well into the routine now and it comes mostly natural. The third meal isn't always raw, but when I am at home part of it is and my snacking is almost always raw. (We've been through tons of raw cacao in various desserts.) Raw desserts are fabulous and they keep me away from other temptations.

I've got lots of good things to look forward to. John and I are meeting a professional friend of mine tonight in Palm City. Many of you from the office know of my pharmacist colleague Pete who I refer to for thyroid, hormone, fatigue and other related issues. I am finally going to meet him. He has really taught me a lot and next month John and I have the honor of being sponsored to attend a conference advancing my knowledge in the areas we collaborate on. I am hoping to make it to a breastfeeding conference next month if my schedule allows. I notice on amazon my book continues to sell a couple of copies a month. (I'd love to hear from new readers!)

I posted pictures of my vacant house below. The kitchen is well broken in. The book shelves are full. Hopefully I get organized soon and get to post more photos and stories about what we are up to in the Summer Cabin.


fitncrafty said...

Wow I am tired just reading that! You are busy! I am so glad that we got to talk the other night!

Life is busy here as well. Today I was hoping to paint a bathroom and that's not going to happen. Maybe just the prep.

I miss my blender and new parts are coming, but reading your blog made me miss my smoothies. I may have to try to bullet for that or my food processor...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bandora said...

One of those Amazon copies of the book sold went to my house! I can't say that I am a new reader, I simply decided to finally get my own copy instead of going to the library. Now that we're expecting I want to have it as a handy resource within reach 24/7.

I hope you get settled in soon, we moved almost 4 months ago and I still don't know where everything is.

Becky R said...

Love the family shot. You look amazing!

The Natural Mama said...

Hi Denise,
Glad you got a chance to check it out. Of course I would mention your book!! You are my inspiration! I have either recommended or lent out your book to every pregnant lady I know...and that's alot!!! I re-read it over and over and always gain a new perspective on things based on where I am in my life and with baby. Congrats on the raw diet!! We personally love Green Smoothie Girl also and have recently just invested in a BlendTec to make blending easier. We also juice alot too! All those fresh fruits and veggies just jump-start you for the day! I'll have to send you some recipies. Keep in touch! Jenn

Permission to Mother said...

Bandora, Congratulations on your pregnancy. Let me know if you need anything. Let me know who your midwife is.

Jenn, Thanks again for all your encouragement. I am glad you are getting so much out of it with each read. I started writing with one small article and added more articles and chapters and inserted new thoughts into previously written articles as I went through phases and growth.

Laura said...

Hi Denise,
I am so impressed that you are able to maintain your high raw diet and daily smoothie through your move AND that it comes naturally. Perhaps that should be your next book, the process you went through to achieve that mentality and ease. I imagine it involves a life changing positive transformation and openness, not unlike the process you document in Permission to Mother.
Also, I wanted to thank you....last week I saw a lovely family north of me. The Dad found me by googling Dutchess County and lactation consultant and was confused when the 3rd listing was for a Florida (!!!) doctor's blog post about Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy. He then came to the end of the post with your reference to me and my practice location. THANK YOU..

Permission to Mother said...

Hi Laura, I enjoy hearing from you!

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