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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Age Management Conference

I've spent the last three days at an Age Management Conference with the compounding pharmacy I often refer to, Bellevue Pharmacy. I've met much of their team finally, like I've known them forever, even though most of our work has been done by email.

I've wondered what is the specailty of "age management." It turns out to include many things I already do. There are several models of age management practices out there. The model partly sponsoring this conference has a location in Boca Raton and offers comprehensive:
low-gylcemic diet counseling
fitness eval and exercise scripts
disease risk assessment
hormone optimization

After comprehensive evaluation you get a personalized plan. They serve as consultants, not as your primary doctor.

It is great to be amongst many physicians with open minds. Many physicians who are healthy and fit and live this lifestyle themselves. They draw in many patients who are 40-55 and want to have better quality of life. This sounds like the fastest growing part of my practice. Yet, I also provided this kind of care in the context of my background with preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and preserving BREASTFEEDING. AND I am still your primary care doctor if you want me to be. AND I haven't been charging Boca prices. Additionally I offer intracellular vitamin analysis and food sensitivity. The conference didn't give the details of the nutrition plans they teach to patients. I am not sure exactly what diet protocols they are teaching, but I am very comfortable emphasizing and discussing a plant-based diet. (I like the term low-glycemic" that they used.)

There was lots of discussion on Vitamin deficiency. Anyone want to guess which vitamin they feel is the most common deficiency? I am sure curious to look back at my last vitamin labs (before I improved my eating habits) and see if I was chronically low. I am also curious to repeat my testing now that I've been eating better and make sure I am not missing anything.

I purchased a new " toy" at the conference. I am very comfortable removing warts, skin tags, moles, and precancers and annoying little lesions with histofreeze. Now, I've got a precision tool to expand the kind of lesions I can remove without a needle, including very, very small lesions in sensitive places. I'll tell you more about this soon.

This conference also hosted a 5k fun run this morning. Yeah, I am very happy to say I ran the whole thing in 40 minutes. It was really 3.2 miles, a little more than a 5k. I haven't run a 5k in over 14 years. I haven't run 3 miles in that long, but with my gym work outs this was the next step. I LOVED the fitness presentation they gave and hope to talk more about that soon on the blog.


fitncrafty said...

Yeah for your 5k! That is awesome!!!

As for low glycemic.. check out World's healthiest foods, He has some good info in his book about it. Not as much detail as some I have read, but I know you have that book and can access it.

I have learned a lot about GI and glycemic load... It's great information for patients with blood glucose level issues.

Glad that you enjoyed your conference...

Permission to Mother said...

I can't wait to talk to you about some of the fitness stuff discussed. I have a few rough days ahead of me. I'll try to catch you.

We need you in our office as an extension of me and John to talk diet and fitness.

Shaunna said...

What is the most common vitamin deficiency? (you didn't tell us! :)I will guess vitamin B. Also, what type of neutraceuticals do they endorse?

Permission to Mother said...

The most common defficiencies are
B6, Vit D, zinc, selenium, magnesium, arginine, b'complex. That so unds like all of them, huh?

Sorry I took so long to post this. I thought I might do it as its own post, but never did.

I may post the results of my micronutrient analysis over on my other blog. Maybe.

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