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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He missed me!!

After 5 long days, he missed me. For conference, on Thursday, I was gone for 14 hours, left early Fri and came home late Saturday. Left Sunday morning and came home late that evening. Jury duty was on Monday from early morning and I got home 3 ish.

David spent a significant part of that time with his favorite babysitter, Nate. David looks forward to Fridays when Nate is like another big brother to him. David counts the days till when Nate comes back. He calls it Nate o'clock, which is close to 8:00. If I come home for lunch when Nate is over, David is glad to see me leave again (so Nate can stay longer).

When I finally came home on Monday, David asked if I was going to any more meetings (like he asks if I was going back to work for the afternoon).

"Why, you want me to go to another meeting?"

"No, I want you to stay home with me."

I was surprised. I don't think he's every asked me to stay home! At least not recently. Trust me, I was aware of how long I was gone compared to my usual routine and trying to make my presence at home as optimal as I could. BUT, I did not expect a request to stay home and a " I miss you!".

David was glad I left only for a few hours today. He followed me all around in the yard, he took a short happy walk with me, and he enjoyed a favorite chapter book I read to him (Roscoe Riley). He was very loving today.

I was wondering if after the long weekend with Nate he would forget all about you-know-what. Sure enough he wanted his comfort, almost being very demanding about it and clingy upon my return and more.

I struggle with being away for long hours from my kids. Lots happens. David has been dry at night for a few weeks. He had some accidents around the time of our move. He's been good as we got more into a routine. A few nights this weekend he forgot his bed wetting medication before falling asleep and he seems to be be doing very well without right now with it. So, we are going to see if it lasts!

He lost a bottom tooth this weekend. The tooth fairy is still trying to recoup and recover from being away and needs to acknowledge this soon!

While I am updating about him, when I get my routine together, I have no doubt that he will be doing Barton Reading for dyslexia. I have not seen one ounce of reading progress in him in our down time from lessons over the past few months. One thing I have noticed: since Barton Reading is the only approach he knows, he does not have frustration with letters or a distaste for reading. It may not come natural, but there is no aversion to reading. The older boys had tried many programs that didn't work and got frustrated when it didn't work. David loves looking for letters he recognizes like "d" but no independent or spontaneous learning when it comes to reading.

BTW-- Our judge and lawyer had 30 jurors to pick out 6. They could not agree on 6 Americans to serve as jurors for this case and after 7 hours sent us home. Amazing, couldn't pick 6! What a waste.

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