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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jury Duty

Tomorrow, I am reporting to the court house to see if I am selected to be a juror. While that is a noble responsibility, I must admit, I am brain overloaded after four days of a great conference, I miss being with my boys because I was gone for long days, and I have a full schedule in the office this week, that may have to be post-poned. I hate not being available. I have never been called to jury duty so I suppose I am due.

When I am done and caught up (if I ever catch up) I can't wait to share more about the conference and also tell you more about the most common vitamin deficiencies and supplements. I tested my levels 3 years ago. On my way home today from Boca, I HAD to stop by the office to review my results, I was so curious. My results then were the catalyst for change and I was deficient in the most common. So was John...

If you need anything office related, John and Sarah will be in the office tomorrow. I may not be available to respond to e-mail.

If I get dismissed early. I am not telling anyone. :) I am going to hide and relax and tell you I put in a full day at court. :) No one but us will ever know. I am going to crash now....


Rose said...

Hey!!!! How R U????????
Anything new?

Becky R said...

I hope you got some rest.

I was wondering how can I get tested for vitamin deficiencies?

Also how do you feel about cleanses? Do you recommend?

Still enjoying your blog. Thanks!

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