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Friday, April 16, 2010

Postpartum Home Visit

Thanks Kristen for including my book on your Green Mommy Blog's recommended reading list, especially when there is so many good parenting books out there.

Also thanks Jessica for taking the time to put your review on amazon. Any other new (or old readers thinking about adding a review to my amazon page. I still appreciate it and love the feedback.
I was requested at a home visit this week to check on a three day old. Mom had had successful breastfeeding experiences before and was concerned about why her nipples were sore with this baby. She thought perhaps the baby was tongue-tie and wanted me to check it out. She ask me to come to her house because she didn't want to take the baby out for two weeks. Many moms don't go out with new babies because of germ phobia (which is a good reason) and may have been a partial reason in this case. I was really inspired by what I observed when I walked into the house.

A calm, serene environment.
Mom and sister present to be support and solely focused on mom's need.
Naked baby lying on chest of topless mother IN bed. (This is what mom intended doing for two weeks minimum, if not longer, and was the main motivation for not taking the baby out for 2 weeks.)
A birth quilt hanging on the wall. Each square made by the different guests at her blessing way. Each square with positive affirmations. I loved it!
A stack of healthy birth books on the bedside table.
Lovely black and white framed photos of the prior pregnancy and babies. (I liked decorating my own room with pregnancy art when I was preparing for my home birth.)
I never did elimination communication. When the baby gave her signal their was a a wee baby bowl ready to catch the meconium and they did catch it.
I didn't see a baby crib or bassinet or other container any where in sight. :)
Positive vibes everywhere.

I just thought how peaceful a scenario for a postpartum mom with new baby and how few of us get to enjoy this quiet time with our babies. Thank you for allowing me into your home.


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

A birth quilt? Wow! That is awesome!
Hey, do you have any good recommendations for starting solids? Maybe you've already done a blog post about this...I'll have to look it up and see.

Sam said...

Did the baby turn out to be tongue tied?

Permission to Mother said...

Sam, The baby wasn't tongue tied.

Trish, Yes, I've posted on solids before. My advice is delay unless your baby shows strong interest in eating. And start with raw stuff (maybe, keep it raw?). Fruits, bananas, avacado... you know...

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Thanks Denise! I just bought this book called "Baby Greens" and it has some pretty good advice in there too!

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