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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekly Update (or is it a 2 week update?)

I've got mixed feelings about facebook and since my previous profile was hacked and deleted, I wasn't sure if I wanted a new account. I missed updates from friends that I wouldn't see on a regular basis and gave in. I made a new address at gmail) and made a new facebook profile. I still wonder why I want a facebook account, but now there is a new problem. Anytime I post a comment on someone else's blogspot, the follow up comments go to gmail, not hotmail. Google automatically did this. I did not request this notification change. I miss seeing the comments in hotmail and I really don't like having more than one email address to check.

Does anyone know how to make follow up comments come back to hotmail? Or get around this? I suppose I can make gmail come to my blackberry.

Anyways, my life is more exciting than the limitations of facebook and google. We are enjoying life at the summer cabin tremendously. It is so motivating to be in my kitchen prepping food with the gorgeous view we have. It is so relaxing in our back yard. My kids sure are busy with their real life friends. We all have had guests. No one ever came to see us at our shanty and this is a welcome change (our view there was a wall of another house). John took this past week off except for emergencies and got to relax and also enjoy his mother's and brother's company. We are unpacking and organizing one box at a time. It seems it will never end. We are still removing stuff from our shanty and cleaning it out. It doesn't look like a hovel with us out of there now. So some great news. We got a deposit from potential renters. This is a huge relief.

Fun stuff we've done this week-- John and I had a date to the local theatre to see Bryan Adams. I really enjoyed his talent (both vocal and guitar) and concert humor. Only had a back up pianist and the focus was on Bryan Adams the entire time. The next day the boys went to a birthday party at the roller rink. I was a weekly skater for years when I was a kid and I even took roller skating as a PE in college. It all came back to me after 20 something years. Now that I know we have a good rink, I want to go back. In fact I want to have my next birthday party at the rink!!

The other special occasion this week was our Passover Seder with Alanna and Steve. We went to their Seder two years ago and I wrote about it here. I was just re-reading and comparing how it went. My boys sit still now. They were polite and their attention lasted as long as the other adults. I enjoyed reading from the hagaddah and being part of a kosher seder. Lots of mock Seders around, but not this one. I was also looking at my meal plan I wrote out. Looks similar to this years. Too much matzoh. I'd probably not have matzoh around except that its helped keep the boys including John out of the bread and grains. Attempting so much raw, eliminated many grains from my diet without really missing them. We've made lots of interesting veggie spreads to keep our meals nutritionally sound. I've also made our own macaroons in the dehydrator to have raw treats around. I bought grocery store macaroons for the simple purpose of having a taste tests. My boys picked mine!! With cacoa powder I've made chocolate macaroons and with sprouted almonds, I've made "blondies." The latest batch still in the dehydrator has coconut in it from a nut we cracked open! I can't wait for those. I am going to pick William up from another birthday party now. They went to the movies. Hopefully my updates won't take two weeks. :)


Bandora said...

There should be a way to change the notification address on blogger but since I don't use the service I can't help on that.

What would work as a backup alternative is that you can set up all e-mails in your Gmail account to automatically forward to your Hotmail account and that way you would only have to check 1 e-mail account to see everything.

Cantor Debbi Ballard said...

Thank you SO much for the awesome treats today, and for the great RAW food education you gave me. I'm excited to try some of your tips, and look forward to sharing the boys' interaction with Judaism with you!

Laura said...

Just wanted to let you know about 2 moms (sisters) starting a new space for kids to play together in Plant City, FL. I know she is nearly 3 hours from you, but I thought some in your circle of followers that are from near and far might be near the space and be interested in this special space at Danielle shares some of her fears in undertaking this new endeavor with her sister in her blog post yesterday. Her blog is From looking at her site I see that the peaceloveplay space has so much to offer: unique classes, wooden toys, lots of opportunities for fantasy play... I commented on her blog today to see if she ever contacted you. Somehow you came to mind.

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