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Friday, May 21, 2010

I was going to ditch this table and chairs...

John and I bought a table and chairs 13 years ago. William was in a high chair. We used it in the huge eat-in kitchen that we had. John and I often laughed because the two of us ate at the big pristine table together wondering what we would ever do with the rest of the space. As the years went by we filled the seats with hungry kids and wore them out (the chairs). They looked terrible and I certainly hated anyone in to see this mess and all the other worn out stuff we accumulated. The table also looked small now with all of us seated around it.

We left these old chairs and table at our previous place. We did not bring them on the moving truck with us. I could not stand the thought of filling our newly remodeled house with something so old and damaged. Several times before I covered up the cushions myself (you can see several layers of previous prints). Now the handles were broken, the paint was chipping, and the frames holding the cushions were damaged. When the company handling our rental saw the table and chairs left behind, they offered to paint them and deliver them to us. They were pretty excited with the results.

My mother took the broken cushions and frames to her Upholsterer and Decorator in Orlando.And now I have a fabulous dining room set, that goes perfect in my new house! I love it!Let me add, what a treat it was to get the opinion of a professional decorator along with my mother's decorating advice (with pick-up and delivery) because this kind of stuff doesn't come natural to me.

Ross Upholstery, Apopka, Florida, 407-880-3331


Orlando Realtor said...

I will be the first comment here. Thanks for the compliments, for me and my friend Bruce owner of Ross Upholstry. We have been good friends now for about 10 years, since I had him do the make over on a love seat that I owned. I have happily referred him to many of my clients over the years. His service is a natural when someone moves from one home to another, and needs to make furniture that they already own, work at the new place.

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! My parents used to re-upholster furniture sometimes. My mom had her own interior design business as I was growing up. Your place looks spectacular! Must be like a celestial mansion to live in!

Permission to Mother said...

Not quite a mansion :), but is an amazing house.

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