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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Worth the Wait...

While I was away....

My mother (decorator) and her friend Bruce (Upholstery) did an amazing job in my house. If any of you recall the photos of what this room looked like before the remodel, this is an amazing transformation, even from just the way the room looked empty in the morning. (and not to mention from my previous house, that I would not dare invite anyone in) I am excited to have so a warm inviting homey room. I've managed to keep TV's and electronic hook-ups out of this great room and it has become a very comfortable reading and coversation area (and viewing room). Bruce suggested the idea of two sofas and the swivel chairs. When you are not facing the fire or conversation, the chairs easily turn to face the dining room or the river view outside.

I joked and said the chairs are also breastfeeding friendly. If you don't want to feed  in front of the company you can swivel around and face another way. :)

Bruce put new fabric on my Grandmother's 65 yo chair (in dining room) to co-ordinate with our colors and other pieces. He also arranged my built-ins to display some of my favorite photos and things. I love John's old electric guitar setting out. On the other side of the divider is my Grandmother's 90ish (maybe?) year old radio that still works. She never  knew why I wanted that thing. I think it looks great.
I like the mix of old and new and all the colors and balance of shapes. I wouldn't have had it in me to make this room look so comfy. They picked out my couches, chairs, and coffee table in Orlando going by good memory. My mom e-mailed a few photos and I barely had time to think about it. I was like. just whatever you think looks good. Mom and Bruce delivered too! And hung up the window treatment!       Thanks mom and Bruce! (Will you do the rest of the house?)

Check out more photos on my mom's blog.

Contact Ross Upholstery @ 407-880-3331
Buying or Selling Real Estate or
need help with decorating, contact Maxine @ 407-718-8323
Your home should be your castle and reflect your personality.

Bruce asked the million dollar Question.
Would I build or remodel again?
Yes, I must admit, I would again.
It was worth the wait...


Becky R said...

I love it. It looks so great! What a room to relax in.

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Wow, that is fancy and fabulous! I just love seeing rooms remodeled! Reminds me of how I always used to watch the HGTV channel back when we had cable.

Orlando Realtor said...

Would you hire me again? Would you refer me to your friends?

Permission to Mother said...

@ Orlando Realtor: Yes and Yes!!

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