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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dyslexia, Habits and Such

A speech/dyslexia question for Science Geek,

I finally have two leads for local speech therapists to look into for David.  You wrote me a comment before about LiPS program and Earobics on the computer to help improve his auditory discrimination and memory. It's been a along time since we dialogued, so I wanted to know to know if you think those are still the best two programs to inquire about.

David recognizes a "c" makes a /c/ sound, but when he speaks he says /t/. Cat is tat. Isaac is Izit.
When he tries to blend /cat/  he says /ca/ /a/ ta/.
(I am trying to keep a list for when we do go into therapy, so I may add more here. Also, my list may potential help other readers recognize problems.)


People come to my blog searching for an association between bedwetting and dyslexia. I am not aware of an association. (Leave a comment if you have tho ughts on this.) Scott has never been a bedwetter. David is a bedwetter. The DDAVP, time, diet, awareness, whatever, seems to have helped a lot. He rarely takes the medication (he took it about 3 months and rarely wets the bed now. The urge to void wakes him early in the morning and he gets out of bed himself.

me- yes
john -never
William- yes
Scott- never, has long, strong claws
David - bit them to the bone, and all of a sudden I notice he has long strong claws like Scott. I am not sure what changed this summer.

I get asked about how to clip baby's nails. Personally, I bit them off my babies and did not like using clippers. When they nursed on the right, I bit their right hand nails and vice versa. Mittens get in the way of a good latch. If you got to use them, take them off when you breastfeed. Would you eat with mittens on? Don't you want to look at those cute naked little hands all the time?


Luqman Michel said...

Hi, I have been teaching dyslexic children for more than 5 years. I too have had students who pronounce cat as tat. All I did about this problem was to have the student look at my mouth and repeat the word after me. Each day I do this about 5 times. Within two weeks they get the pronunciation correct. I tell my student where I place my tongue and how my lips are shaped when I say the two words.
Luqman Michel

ScienceGeek said...

Yes, I still think LiPS and Earobics are great programs. Some SLT use FastForward and I've heard that is good as well. But both programs have helped my son a lot with his auditory discrimination issues.

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks Lugman-- Makes sense what you say and I keep trying that. It usually ends in frustrations-- something I didn't see with my older son going through the same lessons last year. We've been stuck so long without progress, makes me think, my younger son needs something else.

Thanks SG for confirming.

Permission to Mother said...

We have an eval set up for Friday afternoon. :)

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