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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hearing Evaluation

David had his hearing evaluated yesterday. He passed without any trouble. I didn't think he had a hearing problem, but its good to know for sure. David is kind of liking all this special attention and all the activities his "teachers" have him do. He really likes Dr. Slack, the ENT where he had his hearing checked.  After the test, David said, "I should get my ears checked, since I never listen to him." I quickly responded, "Since now we know your hearing is good, I expect you to listen to me!"

I am going to get David (and William) an eye exam soon with Dr. Olivos. I don't think they are having any problems with vision, but again, just to be sure as we are investing a lot of time into remediation curricula. We have great resources around us, might as well take advantage of the thorough evaluations. Scott had an eye exam done before we started his reading program.

Then we'll go back to the dentist, blahh....

So our first week of school went ok. I had to do some extra nagging to get one of the boys to do some extra work. There has been no XBOX all week. I am going to virtual school now to double check all assignments are in and we can hopefully relax for the weekend....

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