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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weaning -- Part 1

I happen to be in an extremely important phase of breastfeeding rarely ever talked about, I guess because there is not too many people who know much about the phase I am in, although certainly plenty who will want to pass judgement (that I am still lactating at my age :) ). I want to remember some of the significant dialogue that goes on in my house and here is my chance to share.

Me: David, how old are you?
David: Practically 7. ( It was 6,  than 6 1/2, now it's practically 7.) ( I am practically 45.)

Me: David are you going to nurse past your next birthday.
David: Sure. What difference does one more make?

Scott: David, what if I told your karate class you have night-nights.
David: Who cares? I am practically a brown belt.

David asks me: Why do you call it night-nights.
Me: What do you think it should be called?
David: Breasts.
I explained to David it's easier for babies to call it night-nights (or nah-nahs, or milkies, etc...) when they are babies because, they go to sleep and call going to sleep going night-nights. I explain to him in public it's more acceptable for a mother to say to her baby, "Do you want night-nights" instead of "Do you want breasts?" Night-nights implies a bonding connection of love.

Me: Do I still have milk?
David: Mmmmmmmmmmm
Me: Why do you still nurse?
David: Cause it's soft.
Me: If it's soft and there is no milk, why does your mouth go there?
David: It's soft right here.(and he shows me).

These two photos in this post were recently sent to me by Shannon Mitchell, my friend, in Tampa. They were taken prior to the hurricanes my family tried to get away from. It was the first time I had seen the photos since they were taken 6ish years ago and it really took me back to that time and to the mode  of parenting that I was in. Time just passes way to quickly, especially in relation to our babies. Who'd ever think that the cute little 8 month old would have so much to say about breastfeeding. He was just a baby yesterday. The cute little girl is Shannon's daughter.

I've got lots more to share on this subject. The title of my post gives away the bittersweet ending.  I hope you are interested in staying tune.


Kristen said...

Awwwwwww, what a milestone. Savannah weaned two years ago but still seems to have a fascination with my num nums.

I didn't know you were friends with Shannon. What a small birthy/breastfeeding world!

Mom of 4 said...

My 4th (and final) "baby" is 20 months and I usually only nurse her once a day. It's amazing how SO many people pass judgement on me about something that is TOTALLY not their business. I'm pretty sure I don't need their "permission to mother" my daughter and feed her the way God intended me to do so. Denise, you and David are an inspiration to me to continue doing what we know and feel is right.

TopHat said...

It does sound bittersweet. I'm tandem nursing a 28 month old and a 4 week old. My oldest loves the breast so much, I can't imagine her weaning anytime soon. As a side, I do call it "breast." I ask, "Do you want breast?" and my toddler will request "Please breast." I did that because I was secretly hoping she'd have a hard time with the "r" sound and say "best." But, alas, her enunciation is quite good.

Permission to Mother said...

TopHat- If anyone called it breasts, it would be you. Smile.

( And in my house it would be bwests.)

Lenita and Kristen, thanks for your encouragement.

Tara said...

VERY glad to read posts on extended breastfeeding. The subject is just not talked about enough and there's not much support past the one year mark, so, thanks!

Becky R said...

Thanks for sharing. More moms should nurse longer!!!

I still co-sleep with my now 7 year old because he is comfortable with it and I don't mind, but the whole world thinks it is insane and even wrong.

I nursed for 2 full years and I also got strange comments about that as well.

I love your blog!

The Natural Mama said... must be so sad. I can't imagine Nolan not nursing. You have inspired me to ignore the strange looks and do what I know is best for me and my baby. 14 years is a long time! :)

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