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Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Awesome Sukkah

Part of my commitment to the boys Bar Mitzvah training is doing new activities we haven't done before in observance of the Jewish Holidays. Part of the holiday, Sukkot, is to build a temporary shelter to dwell in, called a Sukkah, during this season of fall harvest.

One problem, is, is that we are not a DIY family when it comes to crafts and wood work thus, I couldn't imagine how we would pull this project off. But we did. We got 9 1x 2x 8 at Home Depot. We used every bit of the wood. We cut 7 to 6 1/2 feet for the length and height. We used the short end for reinforcement. We cut 2 in half for the width. I have seen my husband drill, but I never seen him use a saw. The boys were all into it. I like seeing them do things together. Before you knew it, it was built. Barely any fighting or sibling rivalry. whew. We did it at night in the car port with a clear sky and full moon.

In the morning the boys and I cut back our palms and native plants for decorations. Being in Florida there is not much food  to harvest this time of year, but the trees needed pruning and it worked out well to give us an excuse to do yard work.

 So far its stood up to some rain fall. More wind and it would be down. We've had some snacks and meals in it and guests. As you know we have a great view of the river from our sukkah (and my husband's boat trailer made a good workhorse for sawing his lumbar). We have had a lot more fun and laughs with this than I would have imagined.

I once was in another blog called Homeshuling. This would be a good example of homeshul. (shul = temple)

I am guessing part of my husband's motivation to do this is because he wants Tiki on the deck and this is like a preliminary step or practice to see if he can handle a bigger project. My boys brought a lot more history and information about the holiday and blessings that they have learned from their Hebrew school.  I actually am impressed how much they know. Max, our dog, ate the holy fruit. That makes him our Rabbi now. 
Here is a back view. The beauty of a sukkah is the decorations, companionship, and of course food. Since the fall harvest is suppose to be eaten in the sukkah and there is none, I prepped a few raw (next best thing) desserts to encourage the boys participation: almond joy (from Greensmoothiegirl), oat meal cookies (from Nicole the Fitness Freak, date bars from Kristen's Raw). This gives John a good excuse to use the grill as we set up right by it.
The frame itself does not have to be beautiful, a rough shack built by hand is ideal, but it sure does look like we new what we were doing! I am so glad we did this!

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