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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World Cultures: Aztec Life

I want to share another assignment from World Cultures. Since my boys did this class together it was interesting for me to see how they processed the same information and came up with their own creative response. If I was ever concerned they would cheat, exactly the opposite was the case. They would have nothing to do with each other. They did not want to help each other a bit.

This assignment was to write from the perspective of a Spanish soldier who is conquering Aztec; What would be the first impression of the Spanish soldier of the Aztec culture? My boys REALLY like pretending they are soldiers. This was a perfect assignment for them to show  their potential. Also, when the boys get assignment grades the teacher cc's me and it comes right to my bberry. How cool is that?

It is really hard getting motivated to do BartonReading with Scott. He is progressing well overall. He tells me he doesn't think Barton's necessary anymore because he reads well....  OK, then, you can enroll in FLVS Language Arts becausee you need to be in some LA curriculum.

No hesitation... Let's do Barton.

So here is the boy's work.

I met the Aztec people in the Island of Texcoco six days ago. They are so different than most people. The Aztecs believe in almost 1000 gods and they give us presents like gold because they think we are gods. Little do they know were going to kill them and take their land. They are savages and they are disgusting and they should be slaves. Although they are disgusting they made some beautiful buildings like temples aqueducts and paved roads.

“Juan” Scott Coquelet


Today I was following orders from Hernan Cortes. We went to the capital city of Tenochtitlan. Which is located in a small island in the center of Lake Texcoco. All of my fellow soldiers and me were having mixed feeling about the way they live. One of my friends said to me “Guillermo, look over there. Altars for human sacrifice! I don’t think this is a good idea. Maybe Hernan made a mistake.” We were all shocked and awed. I noticed some walls had calendars on them. I glanced at it for a few moments and I saw 260 days on it. I wonder where they got that from. I also saw some of their ‘writings’ if that’s what they call it. They were pictures and I can only guess that they probably were words in their culture. Hernan Cortes wanted to take and steal all of their gold and riches so we started to fight. We lost many men, but they were defeated.

Guillermo William Coquelet


Mary said...

okay, not clear on what your point was here, was it that you were trying to see the natives' perspective on colonialism? or that colonialism was okay, because most native people don't/didn't believe the way Wasicu's (white people)believed?

Please clarify this for me. I think, in theory, it's a great idea, a great way for children to learn, by doing, and in the process learn empathy.

Permission to Mother said...

Perhaps my biggest point was just my own fasination in how my two sons got something different out of the lesson and to preserve and document their scholastic progress. They were pretending to be Spanish soldiers giving a creative (and not necessarily factual) impressions on Aztec life. So to clarify this, would be giving the Europeans perspective on native life.

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