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Sunday, September 26, 2010

World Cultures: Contributions for All

Scott and William are about to finish World Cultures. I wanted to share Scott's writing. William hasn't done this one yet. Through out the class, they learned about the contributions of all the major cultures, Greece, Rome, China, etc... This last projest was about how they can contribute to society. I am really proud of what Scott wrote. This was all him. He needed minimal proof reading help from me. It takes him a long tme to peck and hunt. Typing (not reading, not writing, not originality) was what slowed him down. Next FLVS class is keyboarding. Scott told me that this lesson played to his strength because he is good at contributions.

Name anything that you are already doing to contribute to society. What is it and how is it a contribution? This can be something simple or something big.

I do a lot for society. One of them is that I am a first degree black belt so my karate teacher tells me to teach the new kids. That helps society because in karate there is something like the Code of Chivalry [from Midieval Times]. I tell them that karate begins with courtesy and ends in courtesy so they can be good citizens.

Name three simple things that you CAN do to help with your family or your community. What are they and how can they help? Refer to the Quest portion of the lesson for ideas.

1. I can help my community by recycling.

2. I can help my family by doing more work around the house like make the beds and take out the garbage, recycling, and compost.

3. Another way I can help my community is to not pollute.

Name one major thing that you can do to help your community to be a better place or to make a difference in the world. This can be an invention or volunteering or organizing a group project. Be sure that this is different than anything that you have discussed in the boxes above. Refer to both the Quest and Goal portion of the lesson for ideas. How can doing this make a difference in the world?

My dog is a certified as a Canine Good Citizen and I’m going to make him a therapy dog so he can continue to go in to nursing homes and give the people love. He is already friends with people with special needs like Down’s Syndrome, who use to be afraid of dogs. This is my contribution because I trained my dog to make other people happy. This is what I can do to make a difference in the world.

Why is it important to become a good citizen? It does not matter if it means just following the laws like obeying the speed limit or becoming the president of the United States.Why should people work to do good things in society? Be specific and use concrete details to support your opinions.

It is important to be a good citizen. If people didn’t care then the world would be crazy. I can be a good citizen by doing good in school and being courteous. Also I can pick up after myself.

Name one person that you have learned about throughout the Quest To Be The Best Game that you feel made a big difference in the world. Who is this person? What did he or she do? Why is he or she important? You may need to quickly go back through some of the past modules to refresh your memory.

Alexander the Great made many war strategies that militaries around the world still use today. He helped spread Greek culture around the world. Most important I am named after him and I am Great, too.

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