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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween

I know some people have spiritual convictions about not participating in Halloween, but my dietary convictions :) don't allow me to pass out candy.

Last year we passed out some coins. John said our pumpkin got assaulted by big kids that expected candy and that you must pass out candyor get egged. I think John wanted the candy.

Considering I have a garden, I was hoping to do some decorations that looked like harvest (not goth and grave), but never got around to it. 

We live in a quiet neighborhood this year and people coming to the door is not an issue. Because we were so busy on Saturday with community fund raiser activity, my youngest were happy to stay home today. Scott and David took Max to the Humane Society Mutt March Saturday am, Heathcote Haunted gardens in the early evening, and PALS haunted house in the evening. William went to his friends house for Saturday night co-ed party and stayed over all day until trick or treating. (He didn't care about T or T for a few years, but a renewed interest this year with friends.) William is the only one of my sons who dressed up.

One of my sons is not eating any candy this year!!! Can you guess which one?  Nor is a single piece of candy is passing my lips. I am not having any sugar cravings today and I know how to make my own dairy- free smoothies and treats.

In the top photo William is in the middle between his friend and his friend's mother. She actually looked really good. His friend was not a vampire, and doesn't like vampires love stories, but to me he was a a very good looking Edward Cullin.  Next photo, David is playing a game at Heathcote. I am glad he had so much fun. He is usually forced into being a teenager and doing teenager things, that finally he got to totally enjoy himself.  And next photo Scott is loving on a 4 month old Corgi. Obviously, I am blogging for Halloween. :)

Have fun but don't eat too much candy!

1 comment:

Becky R said...

Too late. I ate a bunch, but almost all was artificial dye free. Does that get me points (and 5 lbs around the middle?)

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