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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Speech Therapy

David is making progress in speech and speaking at a great pace. The other day he was chatting away with  "Lunch Box" Julie at Nutrition World and she asked him if he was nine years old. He explained that he just turned seven. She told him that he spoke so well that she thought he was older. Ironically we were at Nutrition World following a speech therapy appointment. And he was speaking clearly to her. Maybe 'cause she made him some good lunch. I have had a hard time motivating my boys, but someone thinking he was older than 7 was like magic.

We found the perfect therapist, Libby, at Lawnwood, for David. She's motivating him with the indoor swing. For example,  if he could hold a long sound /ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss/ he got to swing for a long time. Another time if he could continue to think of words that begin with the /k/ sound she kept him swinging, but as soon as he paused the swing stopped. He also had to say the word correctly.

 She also was using erasable crayons on the mirror (cool idea for teaching) to list all the words he said.  I want a swing in my house. For me. :) Looks like fun.

Another game she plays with David is having stacks of  two different drawings with one sound difference. Like "ski and key" or "go and dough" and "corn or torn." She asks him for the cards and he has to listen and give her the right card. Then he has to ask (speak correctly) to get them back. He is learning to use his throat when he enunciates.  These games don't involve much reading ability. David is eager to please Libby and he has also quickly learned the name and sounds of his letters as he learns to pronounce them correctly. He is much more aware of phonemes and breaking 3 letter CVC words apart into sounds and spelling with tiles. He is aware of letters everywhere and trying to read them.
With the letters names and sounds mastered David is able to work with me at home on his BartonReading Level 2 lessons. We bring his tiles to therapy and some of his books and Barton worksheets and Libby is really good at using them to merge them into her lessons. David is very excited to tell her what he has learned at home.
I like this little desks that "trap" him in place. At home he is wiggling all over the seat and table. I like the mirrors in front of their work place because they look at their mouths and feel their throats during many of the lessons.  I've been taking him twice a week most weeks and it has been well worth our time.


Jenny said...

I am SO glad you are using Libby. I shadowed her for 15 hours over the summer for my FSU classes and seriously, she is the BEST!! All of her patients make gains and she is very well rounded. Sounds like you have been working at home with David a lot too, which also helps.

collette said...

Oh...Libby ! She IS great. Ryan (my 16 yo) saw her for a time (until insurance benefits ran out) and he made progress although the ENT didn't think that it would be all that helpful. To this day he uses the tools that Libby taught him to make his voice louder, more clear and understandable. I am glad that David has her.

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