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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fitness Class Interview

Scott interviewed me for his fitness class today. Lucky for my readers, You get a blog post today! He has a chance to turn in an interesting assignment!

Age: 45
Gender: Female
Job: Family Physician
Date and time of interview: December 23, 2010

What are some major health concerns that you have? Poor nutrition and tobacco abuse.

Are there ways that you know you can prevent these health concerns (or other concerns like obesity)? Obesity can be prevented by avoiding processed food. Babies should be breastfed, avoiding formula ,as much as possible. After weaning and for the rest of your life food should include fresh greens, sprouts, and a wide range and variety of seasonal plant-based food. Animal products including meat, fish, poultry, and dairy should be less than 5 % of the diet. No fast food and no soda, Ever.

If you need to find out more about a specific health issue, what do you do? Please be specific. (Don’t let them say “look on the internet”, because we have already learned that not everything on the Internet is reliable! They should tell you a specific site if they use the Internet as a source.) I listen to my patients to know what the issues are. My favorite nutrition site is I like I like asking Dr. Google and Dr. Youtube too!

What do you think is the biggest health concern facing our country is? The tobacco/ food/meat/dairy/formula lobbyist give money to our government keeping their profitable products in consumers faces. Americans believe the government have their best interests in mind.

What are some things that you do to help monitor your health? Annually check cholesterol, intracellular vitamin levels, food sensitivities, check weight and blood pressure. Monitor and record fitness progress.

How do you monitor your food and water intake now? I drink at least 4 cups of green smoothie daily and two handfuls of green leafy vegetables a day. I add some kind of sprouts and superfood to my daily nutrition. We grow our own greens. I eat something from our own garden daily.

How would you help get the word out about this lifestyle change? I have a preventive medicine family practice. I blog.

How do you think the media influences what concerns we have for our health? The media has a negative influence on what people think they should eat and where to shop. Farmers and grass roots businesses can't compete with the millions of dollars spent trying to fool Americans. Everyone needs to take their own responsibility.

9. How do you stay fit?
I go to the gym and lift weights when the boys are in karate. I am active with the boys kayaking, walking, yard work, and cycling.

10. Why did you start trying to be healthy? I was tired of being fat. I didn't like how processed food tasted anymore. I wanted my kids to be healthier.

1 comment:

fitncrafty said...

I enjoyed the interview.. Nice job to Scott. Good questions and answers..

Thanks for sharing!

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