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I have only positive things to say about Permission to Mother, an autobiographical account of a thoughtful mother and clinician who courageously writes from her heart, soul, brain, and personal experience; who is open to change in her views and opinions and is not guided by the safety of rules of any group or the status quo; she is guided by love and openness to the experiences life brings her and her family. Her process benefits her and those around her and those who read her words. And to add to that, the writing style and story telling ability here make it a very enjoyable read speckled with both the humor and seriousness of life. ~Laura Keegan RN FNP, author of Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Give Away Winner

The First Winner of My Give Away is Andrea Santoro. This is the Permission to Mother book review she posted on amazon. She won a copy of my book.

"I found out about this book after being referred to Dr Punger when my newborn was losing a significant amount of weight. It was evident that I was having supply issues. Lost and without other support, I went to see Dr Punger and she assured me that we could work this out and that I didn't have to throw in the towel. Through Dr Punger's guidance, I was able to double my supply and am still breastfeeding my daughter who just turned 6 months old yesterday!

One of the biggest issues I dealt with was the guilt of not being able to provide all that my daughter needed. I felt that I was neglecting her. After reading Permission to Mother, I realized that I am doing the best that I can and I can bond with her not only by breastfeeding, but in other ways like co-sleeping and co-bathing. I have really enjoyed the special closeness I have with her now that I have given myself permission to mother in the way that feels so right for me/us.

I wish I would've read this book while pregnant because I didn't have the labor I had hoped for. I would've liked to be more in control and have experienced it but instead, I let doctors manipulate me into their convenience and while I am so blessed to have my daughter, I do feel cheated. I'm hoping to have the birthing of my dreams when I have my next child and I know it is possible and I have been encouraged by the experiences in this book.

Thank you Dr Punger!

Get this book if you want to be encouraged to parent the way that you feel works best for your family. You don't have to follow what society says is normal, or what your best friend or even your own parents did. Give yourself permission to mother and be the best mother to your precious baby."

I appreciate this review and the insight and update it provided me about Andrea's situation.
Their was no entries for the second book I had to give away. I may do this again in just a few weeks when we are not all so busy with the holidays. I appreciate any feedback you'd like to give me.

1 comment:

Bandora said...

Andrea's story is very inspiring and uplifting, I am glad that she shared it.

I had been tempted to enter the second giveaway but since I already have a copy I thought it best to give the chance to win to someone that may have read it from the library or borrowed and needed their own copy.

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