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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scott's Fitness Essay Continued...

I interviewed my mom and dad who are both family doctors. I also interviewed both my grandmas. My mom and mom’s grandma are in the best health. My dad and dad’s mom are getting better. I found that they are concerned about obesity. They all feel like our nutrition and what we ingest affect our health including food, alcohol, and smoking. I also found that they are concerned about cancer. They all stated that the media has a negative influence on our health behaviors. They state that there is a lot of information out there and that they like looking on the internet. My Grandma Maxine, says, “People believe everything they hear.” My dad added that most of what we hear has a negative influence. My mom calls the internet Dr. Google and Dr. Youtube. I even once heard her say that Dr. Facebook is where many of her patients get second opinions. What my mom likes about the internet is finding personal testimonies of what works rather than research. She encourages her patients to look up information with her guidance. My dad likes science based sites like webmd.

My family is fairly health conscious. I learned that we tend to all agree, but we all had a different way of stating it. I didn’t learn that much new information, but this lesson was fun hearing all the different ways they said the same thing. It was fun hearing the same thing I know but in a different perspective for this class. I’d like more lessons like this in fitness class. Everyone was willing to voice their opinion. In fact my family has strong opinions on health information.

My dad was the most interesting because he knows about healthy lifestyle, but his diet is not always the best compared to the rest of my family. In other words, he can do a better job. It sounded like my mom was part of a conspiracy. This is what she said, “Obesity can be prevented by avoiding processed food. Babies should be breastfed, avoiding formula, as much as possible. After weaning and for the rest of your life food should include fresh greens, sprouts, and a wide range and variety of seasonal plant-based food. Animal products including meat, fish, poultry, and dairy should be less than 5 % of the diet. No fast food and no soda, Ever.When I told her that sounded like conspiracy, she said that the big businesses are a conspiracy and she is only one voice. 

I am concerned about obesity and the consequences like diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. I want to be fit and I want to prevent problems by eating raw fruits and vegetables and have a total meat intake of 10% of meat in my diet a day or less. I don’t think you have to be as strict as my mother says. I exercise daily.  I like the internet as a resource. Although I use Wikipedia and Youtube, I continue to research on more reputable places and ask my parents. I am lucky that my parents and grandmothers are good role models and I get an early start in life.

My next project is to talk about hereditary diseases in a format to educate with media. My mom questions the hereditary nature of diseases that we often think are genetic. So this should be interesting. I am looking forward to hearing more about why she feels that way. Since the internet is where most people say they find information, she said she would post this essay on her blog. I probably will publish my final project on her blog, too, if it is relevant and I can find the right format to do it.


The Natural Mama said...

Hi Scott! I love your essay. Hopefully your mom will share this with you. (I am a friend of her's and my sister, Sarah, works in her office.)

I am so impressed with what you have to say! I wish more kids your age, and adults too, would realize that what God has given us (fresh, raw fruits and veggies, and a beautiful world to run around in!)is ALL we need to lead a long and healthy life. Like your parents, my husband (also a doctor) and I have dedicated our lives to educating people to take control of their health. I look foward to reading your next essay, because I too, believe that it is lifestyle, not genetics, that cause most diseases. Change your lifestyle, change your life!! Keep up the good work! :) Jenn

Permission to Mother said...

Jenn, Scott appreciated your response. I read it to him as it came to my in box. When I have his attention, I'll show him your video. Looks like the same PSL reporter helped you out as they had in karate. She does a great job. Maybe one day we can try your class. It would be something new for both of us.

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