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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food Co-op List

Usually I get a list that I repost. This week I didn't get a list. From my memory this is what we got:

Red leaf lettuce- lots of pretty salads
Green Chard- putting them in my smoothies, I mixed a few up with Kale to make kale and chard chips
Mushroom- I'd give some to Lauren if I se eher, in the meantime I've blended a few into a raw marinara sauce I made and a cream turnip/tomato soup. If I can't see them,I can deal with them.
Bok Choy- not my fav. I didn't get a ton, but adding a leaf or two to my salads as another green
Turnip- went into the cream soup I got off of simple, healthy, tasty.
parsly-- 1/2 the batch went to Toubouleh salad and the other half is the bitter herb for passover.
carrot- salad
zuccini- I tried using these to make the noodles for my raw marinara. Tasty, but not quite like I expected.
fennel- passed and left it
tomato- soup and salads, Actually not all my tomoatoes look good. I put those in my dehydrator and made "sun dried-tomatoes."
Apple- this is an important ingrediant for smoothies. It makes them sweet.
Banana- making alot of banana hemp smoothies from Kristens Raw
Blue Berry

Green Kiwi, Pine Apple, Oranges

I've been busy still with packing and unpacking. Now that I am in the new house, I am making trips to the old house to get more boxes and clean out. I'll be unpacking for a while. My computer and camera gear is not all set up. You'd think that would be priority! I'm sharing my husband's computer and about to get booted off. I actaully am enjoying the diversion. I wanted some extra motivation to eat healthy and excercise during this transition and started another blog to help me. You can find it by going to my profile. If my eating habits don't bore you, come on over.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One week after the move

I've been in my summer cabin for a week now. In the move I couldn't find my camera for a few days. I still can't find the cord to download my photos. I never realized how much my photos inspired me to add to this blog. I've been almost too busy to sit down and concentrate on posting much. We went a few days before hooking up the Internet here. The my computer crashed. My boys were going crazy without access to their on-line games. My blackberry came in handy. I love getting my emails, text, and blog comments on the go and not being tied down to the desk. We moved the day we urn the clocks ahead. I woke up the next day not knowing where anything was nor what time it was. I am one who takes a long time to figure out how to use a new appliance, let alone how to figure out a whole new house. I've been in a fog for a few days.

We went to our old house to try to finish cleaning out. What a mess. Made me really appreciate that we are on this side of things. The only thing I think I'll miss is not actually the house, but how safe it is to walk long distances over there at night. I'll miss some of the neighbors, too. But I will have a chance to see them.

William is having the first sleep over here with his gaming friends. We've been telling him for months he can have his friends over when we finally are stable. He is happy. Scott and I went out on the kayak this morning. It is gorgeous here this time of year to be doing that.

We did give William and Scott a nice long break from academics. William finished the first semester of Math just before packing up and he's going to start again soon. I am going to start Scott with his BartonReading in April along with his math. Scott has done a ton of reading on his own. I actually think he benefited from taking a break from curriculum because it gave him time to explore his own interests. He's had friends over, too.

I've been able to maintain my high raw and daily smoothie through our move. I am well into the routine now and it comes mostly natural. The third meal isn't always raw, but when I am at home part of it is and my snacking is almost always raw. (We've been through tons of raw cacao in various desserts.) Raw desserts are fabulous and they keep me away from other temptations.

I've got lots of good things to look forward to. John and I are meeting a professional friend of mine tonight in Palm City. Many of you from the office know of my pharmacist colleague Pete who I refer to for thyroid, hormone, fatigue and other related issues. I am finally going to meet him. He has really taught me a lot and next month John and I have the honor of being sponsored to attend a conference advancing my knowledge in the areas we collaborate on. I am hoping to make it to a breastfeeding conference next month if my schedule allows. I notice on amazon my book continues to sell a couple of copies a month. (I'd love to hear from new readers!)

I posted pictures of my vacant house below. The kitchen is well broken in. The book shelves are full. Hopefully I get organized soon and get to post more photos and stories about what we are up to in the Summer Cabin.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Summer Cabin

It's time to pack and head out to the Summer Cabin!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding Album -- Teresa and Ed!

Teresa and Ed (Ed you lucky guy!)
She's beautiful and smart.
We love her!Teresa, You're stuck with this group now... I have a sister-in-law to share them with. :)
BTW, can anyone tell that John is a fuddy-duddy?
He had to be different...

We had A little photo shoot at Grandma Irma's house before the wedding. Fortunately it stopped raining just in time. It is so hard to to get a group shot of the five-of-us. Grandma Irma patiently took photos. I couldn't believe it when I looked at them, David shot a bird in EVERY single one of the photos with me in it(and when the rest of us looked good) except when I had William pick him up for this photo. Sigh.

Parents of the GroomBrides MaidThis ceremony was very lovely. Teresa told us that her church embraces Judaism. She was right. The priest was funny and spontaneous. He knew his audience and made all faiths feel very comfortable. He thought we were all wearing purple for lent. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking when I got the dress. Not. I was just glad to find a dress. But, I loved that he shared his perspective. William was called to read some scripture about LOVE at the alter (so was John). William did a wonderful job reading. The priest talked a lot about the commonality of Judaism and Christianity in that both scriptures place a big importance on love. The part where you shake hands with everyone and say, "May peace be with you," my entertaining boys said, "May the force be with you." I wasn't sure this sarcasm was so funny coming from a boy in a kippah. But the priest said that you got to love kids. That they have a way of summing up everything he is trying to say.

May the FORCE be with you! Here is the bride with her children who stood up for Ed and Teresa.She looks pretty happy after all this.The party was very nice at Grill Smith's. The boys looked great in their tuxes. David was so precious. Everyone thought he was so cute. Especially restaurant patrons who were not a part of our party. It's not every day you see a peewee in a tux. And they all thought he was so well-behaved. They don't know how he ruined my family photos. Grr... Father of the brideI worked really hard to get some photos with me and John because we don't have anything recent. I was explaining to John that besides the wedding ceremony being important for the new couple, I thought it was important for everyone attending... like to remind them of their own vows and promises. So I asked John if he agreed...

He said he was thinking about what's for dinner during that part... (did I say fuddy-duddy?) I don't think he understood his scriptures either (about the virtuous woman) because he was silenced when I asked him if he had any insight as to the meaning of what he read.

............Ed you wanted your wedding twittered and now I'll add the link to this blog entry to twitter.... just for you... do you feel honored?

Live Happily Ever After....

Some photos from my wedding, here.

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