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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He missed me!!

After 5 long days, he missed me. For conference, on Thursday, I was gone for 14 hours, left early Fri and came home late Saturday. Left Sunday morning and came home late that evening. Jury duty was on Monday from early morning and I got home 3 ish.

David spent a significant part of that time with his favorite babysitter, Nate. David looks forward to Fridays when Nate is like another big brother to him. David counts the days till when Nate comes back. He calls it Nate o'clock, which is close to 8:00. If I come home for lunch when Nate is over, David is glad to see me leave again (so Nate can stay longer).

When I finally came home on Monday, David asked if I was going to any more meetings (like he asks if I was going back to work for the afternoon).

"Why, you want me to go to another meeting?"

"No, I want you to stay home with me."

I was surprised. I don't think he's every asked me to stay home! At least not recently. Trust me, I was aware of how long I was gone compared to my usual routine and trying to make my presence at home as optimal as I could. BUT, I did not expect a request to stay home and a " I miss you!".

David was glad I left only for a few hours today. He followed me all around in the yard, he took a short happy walk with me, and he enjoyed a favorite chapter book I read to him (Roscoe Riley). He was very loving today.

I was wondering if after the long weekend with Nate he would forget all about you-know-what. Sure enough he wanted his comfort, almost being very demanding about it and clingy upon my return and more.

I struggle with being away for long hours from my kids. Lots happens. David has been dry at night for a few weeks. He had some accidents around the time of our move. He's been good as we got more into a routine. A few nights this weekend he forgot his bed wetting medication before falling asleep and he seems to be be doing very well without right now with it. So, we are going to see if it lasts!

He lost a bottom tooth this weekend. The tooth fairy is still trying to recoup and recover from being away and needs to acknowledge this soon!

While I am updating about him, when I get my routine together, I have no doubt that he will be doing Barton Reading for dyslexia. I have not seen one ounce of reading progress in him in our down time from lessons over the past few months. One thing I have noticed: since Barton Reading is the only approach he knows, he does not have frustration with letters or a distaste for reading. It may not come natural, but there is no aversion to reading. The older boys had tried many programs that didn't work and got frustrated when it didn't work. David loves looking for letters he recognizes like "d" but no independent or spontaneous learning when it comes to reading.

BTW-- Our judge and lawyer had 30 jurors to pick out 6. They could not agree on 6 Americans to serve as jurors for this case and after 7 hours sent us home. Amazing, couldn't pick 6! What a waste.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jury Duty

Tomorrow, I am reporting to the court house to see if I am selected to be a juror. While that is a noble responsibility, I must admit, I am brain overloaded after four days of a great conference, I miss being with my boys because I was gone for long days, and I have a full schedule in the office this week, that may have to be post-poned. I hate not being available. I have never been called to jury duty so I suppose I am due.

When I am done and caught up (if I ever catch up) I can't wait to share more about the conference and also tell you more about the most common vitamin deficiencies and supplements. I tested my levels 3 years ago. On my way home today from Boca, I HAD to stop by the office to review my results, I was so curious. My results then were the catalyst for change and I was deficient in the most common. So was John...

If you need anything office related, John and Sarah will be in the office tomorrow. I may not be available to respond to e-mail.

If I get dismissed early. I am not telling anyone. :) I am going to hide and relax and tell you I put in a full day at court. :) No one but us will ever know. I am going to crash now....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Age Management Conference

I've spent the last three days at an Age Management Conference with the compounding pharmacy I often refer to, Bellevue Pharmacy. I've met much of their team finally, like I've known them forever, even though most of our work has been done by email.

I've wondered what is the specailty of "age management." It turns out to include many things I already do. There are several models of age management practices out there. The model partly sponsoring this conference has a location in Boca Raton and offers comprehensive:
low-gylcemic diet counseling
fitness eval and exercise scripts
disease risk assessment
hormone optimization

After comprehensive evaluation you get a personalized plan. They serve as consultants, not as your primary doctor.

It is great to be amongst many physicians with open minds. Many physicians who are healthy and fit and live this lifestyle themselves. They draw in many patients who are 40-55 and want to have better quality of life. This sounds like the fastest growing part of my practice. Yet, I also provided this kind of care in the context of my background with preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and preserving BREASTFEEDING. AND I am still your primary care doctor if you want me to be. AND I haven't been charging Boca prices. Additionally I offer intracellular vitamin analysis and food sensitivity. The conference didn't give the details of the nutrition plans they teach to patients. I am not sure exactly what diet protocols they are teaching, but I am very comfortable emphasizing and discussing a plant-based diet. (I like the term low-glycemic" that they used.)

There was lots of discussion on Vitamin deficiency. Anyone want to guess which vitamin they feel is the most common deficiency? I am sure curious to look back at my last vitamin labs (before I improved my eating habits) and see if I was chronically low. I am also curious to repeat my testing now that I've been eating better and make sure I am not missing anything.

I purchased a new " toy" at the conference. I am very comfortable removing warts, skin tags, moles, and precancers and annoying little lesions with histofreeze. Now, I've got a precision tool to expand the kind of lesions I can remove without a needle, including very, very small lesions in sensitive places. I'll tell you more about this soon.

This conference also hosted a 5k fun run this morning. Yeah, I am very happy to say I ran the whole thing in 40 minutes. It was really 3.2 miles, a little more than a 5k. I haven't run a 5k in over 14 years. I haven't run 3 miles in that long, but with my gym work outs this was the next step. I LOVED the fitness presentation they gave and hope to talk more about that soon on the blog.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Postpartum Home Visit

Thanks Kristen for including my book on your Green Mommy Blog's recommended reading list, especially when there is so many good parenting books out there.

Also thanks Jessica for taking the time to put your review on amazon. Any other new (or old readers thinking about adding a review to my amazon page. I still appreciate it and love the feedback.
I was requested at a home visit this week to check on a three day old. Mom had had successful breastfeeding experiences before and was concerned about why her nipples were sore with this baby. She thought perhaps the baby was tongue-tie and wanted me to check it out. She ask me to come to her house because she didn't want to take the baby out for two weeks. Many moms don't go out with new babies because of germ phobia (which is a good reason) and may have been a partial reason in this case. I was really inspired by what I observed when I walked into the house.

A calm, serene environment.
Mom and sister present to be support and solely focused on mom's need.
Naked baby lying on chest of topless mother IN bed. (This is what mom intended doing for two weeks minimum, if not longer, and was the main motivation for not taking the baby out for 2 weeks.)
A birth quilt hanging on the wall. Each square made by the different guests at her blessing way. Each square with positive affirmations. I loved it!
A stack of healthy birth books on the bedside table.
Lovely black and white framed photos of the prior pregnancy and babies. (I liked decorating my own room with pregnancy art when I was preparing for my home birth.)
I never did elimination communication. When the baby gave her signal their was a a wee baby bowl ready to catch the meconium and they did catch it.
I didn't see a baby crib or bassinet or other container any where in sight. :)
Positive vibes everywhere.

I just thought how peaceful a scenario for a postpartum mom with new baby and how few of us get to enjoy this quiet time with our babies. Thank you for allowing me into your home.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Low Tide Fun

My camera is in sync with my computer now. yeah. pictures to share now! I love observing how the tide changes by the hour. At high tide the river is at least 2-3 feet or more on the wall. The difference is amazing. There is no "beach" at high tide. The rare opportunity we catch the water this low (lik eonly once before), the boys love getting muddy. They like jumping off the sea wall. They were so hoping for a wake made by a passing boat.Max has to get in on the action too. He wants to do anything Scott does. He was barking from above till Scott let him down. Yes, there is gators in the water, but none in sight from above. And no the boys weren't going in the water. I know, I know... but it was just too much fun.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Next Big Family Project...

I was hoping to get a break from "projects" for a little bit. I was hoping to move in and settle before the next commitment came along. That's not my life. Before I was even moved, I was reminded by our personal cantor that it was time to pick a date to celebrate William and Scott becoming a Bar Mitzvah... and to start lessons soon.

We have a date February 12th. Mark your calender. Don't know how big our celebration will be, but just in case.

I was giving myself a break from formal homeschooling and not quite ready to start with ANY outside lessons. But here I am trying to get the boys to refresh their Hebrew. I am totally intimidated by the whole idea. I found the boy's Hebrew school attendance to be a drain on me (although they learned a lot) and I wonder if this tutoring at home will be easier on me. Although we continued Hebrew School for years, the attendance was still stressful on me. I try to go to a service once a month, minimum. Or anything temple-like. I can't even seem to make it to that. Well, barely if you count special occasions like mezzuzah hannging, birthday parties and Seders. I have a choice of Friday evening or Saturday morning service. There are just so many other things to do. I really like working out on Friday night. I get the entire spinning room to myself and go at my own pace. I really need to be working out and enjoy THAT particular work-out in solitude. Same thing on Saturday, there is always something going on, on Saturday. Recently it's been unpacking one box at a time. I wonder if I even like being at service or if it's just some kind of crazy obligation hanging over my head. One temple, I've been to, I like the service, but not the politics. The other shul, I don't care much for the service, but much less politics. I don't care much for the food served at either (and not knowing the ingredients) and hanging around like I do. Avoidance is easier.

It might be easier on me if John was at all interested and it was a family thing to do together. I admire what Congregations desire to do. I admire that friends of mine seem to have congregations fulfilling many needs for their families. But I don't feel fulfilled with obligatory attendance. I hope so much that having private Bar Mitzvah Lessons will be spiritual fulfilling to me and the boys and anyone in attendance. And even for John in his own way even if he finds meaning in not having to attend anything.

I am also intimidated by planning and the time to plan an event equally or more as pushing the boys along in studying.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekly Update (or is it a 2 week update?)

I've got mixed feelings about facebook and since my previous profile was hacked and deleted, I wasn't sure if I wanted a new account. I missed updates from friends that I wouldn't see on a regular basis and gave in. I made a new address at gmail) and made a new facebook profile. I still wonder why I want a facebook account, but now there is a new problem. Anytime I post a comment on someone else's blogspot, the follow up comments go to gmail, not hotmail. Google automatically did this. I did not request this notification change. I miss seeing the comments in hotmail and I really don't like having more than one email address to check.

Does anyone know how to make follow up comments come back to hotmail? Or get around this? I suppose I can make gmail come to my blackberry.

Anyways, my life is more exciting than the limitations of facebook and google. We are enjoying life at the summer cabin tremendously. It is so motivating to be in my kitchen prepping food with the gorgeous view we have. It is so relaxing in our back yard. My kids sure are busy with their real life friends. We all have had guests. No one ever came to see us at our shanty and this is a welcome change (our view there was a wall of another house). John took this past week off except for emergencies and got to relax and also enjoy his mother's and brother's company. We are unpacking and organizing one box at a time. It seems it will never end. We are still removing stuff from our shanty and cleaning it out. It doesn't look like a hovel with us out of there now. So some great news. We got a deposit from potential renters. This is a huge relief.

Fun stuff we've done this week-- John and I had a date to the local theatre to see Bryan Adams. I really enjoyed his talent (both vocal and guitar) and concert humor. Only had a back up pianist and the focus was on Bryan Adams the entire time. The next day the boys went to a birthday party at the roller rink. I was a weekly skater for years when I was a kid and I even took roller skating as a PE in college. It all came back to me after 20 something years. Now that I know we have a good rink, I want to go back. In fact I want to have my next birthday party at the rink!!

The other special occasion this week was our Passover Seder with Alanna and Steve. We went to their Seder two years ago and I wrote about it here. I was just re-reading and comparing how it went. My boys sit still now. They were polite and their attention lasted as long as the other adults. I enjoyed reading from the hagaddah and being part of a kosher seder. Lots of mock Seders around, but not this one. I was also looking at my meal plan I wrote out. Looks similar to this years. Too much matzoh. I'd probably not have matzoh around except that its helped keep the boys including John out of the bread and grains. Attempting so much raw, eliminated many grains from my diet without really missing them. We've made lots of interesting veggie spreads to keep our meals nutritionally sound. I've also made our own macaroons in the dehydrator to have raw treats around. I bought grocery store macaroons for the simple purpose of having a taste tests. My boys picked mine!! With cacoa powder I've made chocolate macaroons and with sprouted almonds, I've made "blondies." The latest batch still in the dehydrator has coconut in it from a nut we cracked open! I can't wait for those. I am going to pick William up from another birthday party now. They went to the movies. Hopefully my updates won't take two weeks. :)

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