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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Did you see David in the paper?

My two younger boys had a great time at day camp for 4 weeks. David was even in the local paper; This is a great photo of him at camp in the paper with the Rabbi and his friend Isaac, who he especially liked being with.

Scott and David participated in many sports and especially like soccer. They went to Rapids Water Park, Lion Country Safari, Rock Climbing at the Y, ice skating, laser tag and more. Scott enjoyed asking the Rabbi questions. Scott and David learned many songs in English and Hebrew. I was told that my kids were a pleasure to have, whew....

But the most exciting contribution camp has made to my household is that we are now infested with silly bandz? Is yours? Boy, I wish I thought of that idea first.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who's been reading PTM?

Sweet Natural Child

Massachusetts's Friends of Midwives

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and kind words to encourage new mothers.

Anyone else reading?

Friday, July 9, 2010


I usually expect July to be a bit slower paced month for me. Office work has always been seasonal and the pace really drops off with so many people traveling out of the area. I could count on a few weeks to do some organizational stuff and catch up in other areas of my life. Not this July. I am super busy in the office (which I am fortunate and grateful for your business). And I am busy at home.

I am also taking another test this summer. Perhaps I am not as busy as I think but  the pressure of another exam is hanging over me and taking up mental space. Did you know that doctors take so many exams once they are "done." I don't know about other specialties, but it seems like it never ends for me. I am taking the 10 year rectification for IBCLC in 2 weeks. I've been a lactation consultant for 10 years! I've never been really that great at exams. The exam itself is the obstacle. Not the studying. It's been an opportunity to re- read Dr. Newman's books, The Breastfeeding Atlas by Wilson-Clay and Hoover and read for the first time Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Breastfeeding. I am half way through and like her perspective with current issues of concern to new mothers.

I didn't plan on any camps this summer. My boys generally don't like them and it's usually very tough to haul them back and forth. Scott and David are enjoying a day camp organized by Chabad. It's a well-rounded camp with sports, crafts, baking, singing, and friends all  immersed in Jewish culture. The one week we signed up for has become a month. David has been enjoying his friend and Scott loves all the new physical activities particularly soccer. They have been on field trips to the Lion Country, ice skating, mock rock climbing, and gymnastics. They have more to look forward to next week.

William is not in camp, in case you are wondering. Scott and David want to make it to karate after a long camp day. William and Scott are both taking World Tortures Cultures in FLVS. Actually it is not torture at all. The boys are enjoying it. Much easier than Math. Scott is not having any problem with the reading. One lesson was to pretend you were a world  leader and make laws appropriate for current times with punishments that fit the crime ( and why its a law). I will leave you with Scott's list:

1. No verbal acts of racism or you will go to jail for up to one year. Racism is a bad and turns countries against each other.

2. Don't throw cigarette butts on the ground or you will have a hard day of community service. It is nasty pollution.

3. Don't put make-up on while you are driving because you need to watch the road. The punishment is you will have to wear clown make-up all day.

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