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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scott's Career Inventory

I am sharing the report Scott wrote after taken a career interest inventory in keyboarding.  My days are filled with helping my teens write essays. Remember Scott is dyslexic and he has come along way. Sometimes I help him more than other times, but this one is almost all him. I really like the opportunity to save the boys work on the blog, particularly when it is relevent to my blog topics. I also like the blog feature to create a book out of my blog post. It would be cool for Scott if I take the best of his work and turn it into a book!

My career results are interesting. I probably got the best income jobs on the test, but I did not like them. It said that I should go in to something medical like Radiation Oncology. I am interested in having a leadership career or a creative career, but not a medical career. It’s just not my thing. So I picked veterinarian, animal trainer, game designer, and police officer. I did not like my results, so most of my careers that I picked were searched on the test. I cannot see myself being a vet or a game designer. They were just the only jobs that I liked enough. I had to put in at least five jobs so I could move on.

There were two jobs that I actually liked: animal trainer and police officer. I can see myself being one of them. Actually I only put police officer as a job because it was the closest one they had to military, but I might be a police officer too. As far as being an animal trainer that comes naturally to me I have already trained my own dog to be a canine good citizen and therapy dog. An animal training career is easy to me. I think of it as a hobby not a career.

I also want to be an inventor but that was not an option on the test. If I had to give this test feedback, I would not give good feedback. I would say that it consumes too much time. It does not give specific feedback on what kind of person you are. It only gave a basic list of jobs. This test is not a very good one and who ever does it should now that it does not always give the best results. It said that I was practical, outgoing, and influential. Practical is just the opposite of me. I am analytical. My parents are doctors and my Dad got accepted to a Radiology Oncology Fellowship. He was impressed that this inventory selected that for me.

Scott Coquelet
Student, FLVS Keyboarding

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