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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scott's Fitness Video

This is Scott's final project for his fitness class. Part of his assignment was to share his project.
He should appear on Doctor's TV!

Text Version
A hereditary disease is something you are born with. It’s not something you get later on. A true hereditary disease can’t be turned around. For example dyslexia or Down’s syndrome can’t be reversed, but things like heart disease, Type 1 Diabetes, and cancer can be. These supposedly hereditary diseases can be turned around and be prevented. How you ask? You can get rid of them nasty fake hereditary diseases. Thousands of people have done this with great success. Don’t live your whole life thinking that eventually you will get a disease that your parents had. If you get something as an adult, it’s not because you inherited it, it’s because you ate or did the same bad habit as everyone else in your family. All you have to do is eat fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, and don’t drugs, smoke or alcohol. If you do not want to get addicted to drugs, don’t try it. The healthy food is better than you think. There’s a lot of healthy recipes and I am drinking a healthy sugar free chocolate smoothie. You have control. You are what you eat.

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Permission to Mother said...

Scott's teacher gave him good questions to think about (he has a 100 in the class). This is my clarifications and by my response you can tell what her Q's were.

I agree that he overgeneralized.

As Scott and I discussed "hereditary vs. environmental" conditions, we actually didn't talk about thyroid or childhood conditions. This is why--

I agree genetics has a lot to do with the aquisition of childhood diseases. The older you get, IMO, the less genetics has to do with expression and environment/lifestyle plays a greater role. Still, our children are exposed to a lot of toxins. Artificial feeding (formula) and chemicals in our food source, antibiotics to raise animals, vaccines, pesticides and insectisides (Our community gets sprayed weekly in the summer for mosquitos), etc... you get the idea... it is certainly worth the consideration of how environment influences our children's health. In a NICU rotation in school we had three babies born with the same neurologic condition from the same small town in Georgia, interesting. I do think there is many causes of childhood diabetes. I definately believe a significant amount is environment.

I didn't talk to Scott about thyroid because its not as clear to me. Many of my patients (mostly hypo, not hyper) have found raw sea vegetables to be very helpful to control thyroid: nori, kelp, dulce. Also greensmoothies help some (, see videos and testimonies) I hope as I work with my own patients I can find ways to help motivated patients gain more control over thyroid. I am learning, too. The internet is full of information on these topics. It is very obvious you take optimal care of yourself. You are a great role model for the students.

My grandmother had valvular heart disease from rheumatic fever. I understand what you are saying about heart disease.

Ultimately, we are all human and humans get sick and bad things happen. Nor can we always control our environment or given the tools and information to change. But I find many people don't realize how much control they do have to live optimally.

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