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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simple, Healthy, Tasty

I won a blog give-away! I didn't consciously enter the contest either, so how cool is that? I won Tammy Nelson's e-book, Simply Scheduled: 2011, A Year of Healthy, Simply, Tasty, Meals Planned for You.

I've been a big fan of Tam's Blog Simple, Healthy, Tasty for 3 or more years now. I found her blog through Green Smoothie Girl as we were both incorporating green smoothies into our diets. Tam was way ahead of me on this. Tam has a recipe blog, which I fell in love with, and started printing many of her recipes right away and trying new things.

Tam has a way of healthifying favorite recipes. Since, at the time, I didn't know how to cook (or prepare food in general), I learned her way, first. Little did I even realize her recipes were vegan (no meat or dairy). I just saw healthy, hearty meals full of taste. I told my sister, " I am finally using the spices in my cupboards!"

Her blog also has a lable for natural living/lifestyle, Many of my readers would find interesting.

I highly recommend Tam's recipes for those who are wanting to eat healthier and find more variety to feed their families healthier. The recipes are on her blog. Go to her blog and become a follower or fan.

What I like about her e-book? She takes me to the next step-organization.
1. She has a shopping list and an ingredient list for each month.
2. She has meal planning for an entire year!

As a fan of hers, for years my pantry is stocked like hers, but I have never been able to put together a monthly shopping list or plan menus. I'm not sure I am going to get organized for a whole year, but I have tried many recipes on her blog over time, I am enjoying looking at the menus and making sure I didn't miss anything appealing that I should have not missed. I will plan out some of the meals I missed and start some planning that way.

My kids have enjoyed her Orange Julius Smoothie, and Mac and Cheese.  The No-fuss potato soup and salad ideas are favorites of mine. I like her this and that section. My kids would put the Mac and Cheese on the menu for a year.

She emphasizes the importance of salads and smoothies. You know I like that; the two main-stays of a healthy diet. She has the kind of recipes that will get the family excited to gather to create together and to eat together.

Her e-books is unique in that it puts it all together to assist planning.

Thank you Tam for sending me your e-book!

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Tammie said...

Thank You! Denise for all you do! You are so inspiring to me!

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