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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time Passes

What happened to my blog?

It  use to be all about mothering and breastfeeding. My sister once said for years all I did was talk about breastfeeding. Everyone said that is all I ever talked about. :)

Breastfeeding babies.
Weight loss (or the lack of).
Breastfeeding and work.
Breastfeeding and writing.
Breastfeeding friendly clothes.
Breastfeeding and slings
Breastfeeding and society.
Breastfeeding in the news.

Now it seems all I can write about is testosterone related things.
Teen boys, educating teen boys, their bar mitzvah, weapons, karate, the dog is a boy, my own bench pressing and recently remodeling. There is nothing feminine on my blog.

I have to make an effort to think about what I want to say about breastfeeding and anything "girlie." :)

There is a point of telling you this.

One of those points is that seems that when the baby is small and dependent on breastfeeding that the time will never ever pass. It seems like breastfeeding has taken over your life.

But life does move on. We go on to other priorities within our family. Enjoy this special time with your baby, or toddler, or perhaps even your nursing preschooler. It does pass quickly. (Even when a preschooler/schooler continues to come to your breast, in this phase, the breastfeeding may not be the dominant focus of your life, it's just something that is a part of your life.)

My blog documents how innocently and subtly that happens. I am glad to be in the place I am now, still I will miss those baby days and the GOOD excuse to be amongst motherly companionship.


fitncrafty said...

You are beautiful and feminine!!
Even when you bench press!

They grow fast don't they! I have wonderful memories of pregnancy and chatting on the phone with you for all ours every morning! Now it's a rare treat that I appreciate so much. I am so glad that you keep up this blog so I can see all of you regularly!

TopHat said...

I feel exactly the same way about how my blog has evolved over the years- and I have a 6 month nursling! It's so strange, but a part of life that our minds turn to different things to occupy them.

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