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Saturday, February 12, 2011

William's Dear G-D Letter

Dear G-D,

Today I become a Bar Mitzvah. A bar mitzvah signifies that I am not a childish boy anymore. I am a man in G-D’s eyes. That mean I am held accountable for being a good man. I am not very religious, but for me, today means that for now on I have to set a good example. Actually I am a good example to the little kids and my peers, but now I am responsible for having the initiative and drive (oh DRIVE, does that mean I can drive a car). It also means less goofing off and just getting my work done. I might sound like a hypocrite, because I get side tracked easy, but it is harder then what I thought to be focused. Religious or not, the world will punish you, if you are not responsible. The Torah can guide us.

My parents are fortunate to have good health, good jobs, and three strong and smart boys, ESPECIALLY me. I thank my parents for their priorities and core values. My mom kind of forced me to study Judaisim, but at least I got to be home-shuled to prepare for this day today.

I THANK my mom who just keeps nagging me to get my work done, even karate and class work when I’d rather be playing. I thank my dad because I am created in his image and I am just like him.

I THANK my Grandma’s who encourage me and says stuff like, “You can do it!”

I THANK Debbi, my Cantor, who drove a long ways to us and always says my worK is “Fabulous!”

I THANK my family and friends who can celebrate with me today.

I pray that I can be a good person and in the meantime, prepare for a good job.

For the world, I hope in a day soon to come that there will be Peace, and no terrorism in Israel. It must be scary living in Israel with bombings and threats so common.

World peace might be hard to come by, but Peace in the world begins with me. Studying Torah is what I can do. In Judaism and as part of my Bar Mitzvah training we do a volunteer activity for repairing the world. In Hebrew “mitzvah” means a good deed in G-d’s eyes. I may have not put in a huge amount of volunteer hours yet, but my Bar Mitzvah project is providing a foundation for on-going life-long contributions. It doesn’t just end today. Really, it just starts today with my own accountability. Mitzvah can be big or small. They all add up. Through my community organizations I do my part to help the world.

1. I volunteered in a haunted garden on Halloween a few times to scare the heck out of people. This lets kids of all ages have a happy and fun time.
2. With Police Athletic league (a group to keep youths from doing crime) and my karate group, I have been to pick up litter off the road and parks. This helps the park look good, helps community spirit, and reduces global warming. It also helps remind me to keep the river out back looking good. IIn karate, we have an annual tournament that raises money for Saint Jude’s Childrens Hospital. I’ve helped supervise the little kids in the community parades.

3. Very important in today’s world, I set an example for the little kids about peaceful conflict resolution through my karate training. We always try to resolve conflict civilly before fighting. PAL’s is affiliated with D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistant Education). By participating in all these PAL’s activities it makes me a good example about keeping dopey kids off the street.

I pray for my continued ability to do well in my local activities, my scholastic activities and continue learning the wisdom from the Torah.

William Coquelet

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