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Friday, April 22, 2011

Author reflections...

Tonight I am reflecting on the 4 years PTM has been out and what's new since. I am impressed with the diversity of mothers who have benefited from my work. The variety of reviews should be helpful to you as you could quickly determine if my book would be helpful to you or goes against any deep convictions you have. True, I want to preserve breastfeeding. You could call this a collection of articles on topics of concern to mothers and how they all relate to breastfeeding. I have been pleasantly surprised that even women, who have babies that didn't breastfeed, still find inspiration in my words. I am encouraged that the birth stories I share have given women courage to speak up for and reflect on their birth experience in an empowering way.

The basic needs of new mothers are the same. My personal autobiography of my childbearing years won't change. The way we get information since publication has advanced. Social networking is big. Yahoogroups was how I stay connected prior to printing, but I am quite impressed with the birth and breastfeeding community on blogspot and facebook. I would have loved a blog journal of my last pregnancy. I am most impressed with a facebook group matching up moms in need of milk with moms who have milk, Human Milk 4 Human Babies. There is a lot to be said for human milk donation especially since it's not heat treated. Despite facebook's adversity towards breastfeeding photos, the on-line extended breastfeeding community has reached a new level. Mom's are more openly willing to share their photos. I've been candid, but not to the level you can find on facebook now-a-days. Once, I thought Bernadette and I were like the only ones pouring out birth and breastfeeding updates via yahoogroups and our print magazine, Mother to Mother. It's a pleasure to get on my feed and have you sharing news stories quickly and instantaneously.

Since publishing, there have been birth documentaries to come out; Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth. See them both.

My own journey with nutrition has involved and I can support the desire to eat vegan and vegetarian while pregnant and breastfeeding (and I totally understand the cravings may keep you from your ideal goals.) I took my nutrition journal to its own blog.

Weaning is a process. I was still producing milk at the time of publication and nursing the baby. I am no longer producing milk, but he is still lingering. Some babies wean all of a sudden in a day or a week or a month. After 14 ½ years of nursing, the last 1 ½ years have been the weaning years.

Many call me courageous to speak out. What gives me confidence is my experience with vulnerable moms. All my topics were carefully considered before including (and before posting to the blog). As an author, I was hoping the book would help me find the woman that needed me. PTM along with the help from blogs and facebook have definitely helped mothers in need find me. I continue to find that in a highly technical world most mothers appreciate having permission to mother.

Bernadette and I met when I was pregnant with my second son. Traditional educated with a full-time career and completely vulnerable myself, I was totally fascinated with the world of a homebirthing, breastfeeding, homeschooling, doula, mom of 10. She has had tremendous influence on my mothering journey and opening the doors to possibilities of raising my boys in ways that deviated from societal norms. Through the years the internet has helped us stay connected and to allow us to support each other with our common goals. As one of the busiest moms I know, Bernadette's communications are a treat to me.

I sincerely hope you will take the time to read Permission to Mother from cover to cover. Read it again. You may be surprised that you find a new theme speaks to you the second time reading. Good or bad, I love your feedback. I would love for you to find me on the web.

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Jenny said...

Love the post! And seriously, you and Bernadette both rock! I really love breastfeeding and childbirth....makes me sad that I won't be having any more babies.

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