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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can Nursing Twins be Done?

I know nursing twins is hard and time consuming.  Tandem nursing took up my focus for years (a bit different because one is old enough to benefit from solids and distraction from another caregiver). My breastfeeding advice to a woman expecting twins, if they want to breastfeed exclusively is to not plan to do anything else for the first 6 months after babies are born except hold babies. With a singleton, I got that advice; that was probably the best advice I got. 

Of course, that's not always real life. We all have other elements of our life to consider particularly earning money and paying bills and the educational requirements to be employed. I had to let go of optional things for one baby. Deciding on your breastfeeding goals and if it is realistic (and what other things to put on hold) would be something only the mom (or parents) can decide. I am glad to support you with where you are at. 

On the positive side of things, some mothers don't need the full 6 months to get in the groove and find themselves incorporating the babies into life more easier or sooner than expected. 

I just appreciate knowing what your goal is, so I can be most helpful.

Liquids, greens, and high quality grains, vitamins or high quality supplements are beneficial to establishing your milk supply as well as mastering the art of babywearing twins. Have several carriers.

I didn't say it would be easy. Planning ahead for donated milk, galactologues, and shields probably a waste of time. I have mixed feelings about pacifiers. I have a hard time recommending pacifiers at least til supply and breastfeeding is established in any circumstance. Probably better to hold the babies than to worry about the results of pumping.

I do believe it's possible to build a supply of milk for your babies. To deliver it to your babies exclusively at the breast is a HUGE commitment. I won't lie about that. I commend the mothers of twins who can provide their milk for their babies.

I hear it's hard to find good twin breastfeeding information. Any words of wisdom anyone care to share?


Jenny said...

Another thing that I would suggest is taking as much help from family and friends as possible. This will support your breastfeeding goals. Part of the problem with my supply is having the time to sit down and nurse as much as needed. Grad school, a needy 2 year old, a husband that has an inconsistent schedule, and having to cook/clean dinner every night really puts a damper on the situation. In a perfect world, I would just sit on the couch (topless) with a big jug of water and breastfeed ALL day....

Hannah Banana said...

I saw on a t.v. show once, a mother had triplets and pumped enough for all three to have ONLY breast milk. However, they were in the hospital for about a week after birth. So that gave her plenty of time to build up her supply. So maybe that's not so helpful. :/

...I know the NICU in hospitals have a breast milk supply. I would check with them to make sure some of it wasn't about to spoil. If they're going to throw it out, I would ask them to pass it along to you.

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