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Monday, July 25, 2011

What's your favorite nursing bra?

I wore playtex for many years (do they still make bras?). After I found medela, I realized my playtex bras fell apart quickly and gave them up. I tried bravado, but found they lacked the support I need (13 years ago, things might have changed). I have one from motherwear... this was before I had medela and I was feeling huge. It was the best support ever for heavy pp breast. Once my first son was born, I wear a bra 24/7. I am not comfortable without one, ever. I still wear my medela sleep bra around the house and at night. The tanks didn't come out till after my third. After a few months pp I was comfortable in a tank without a bra. If I wear my tanks now to exercise, I put a sports bra underneath. I wear them around the house without a separate bra. The first time I bought nursing bras, I thought to myself, "Do I really need this? I'll only need it a short time!" haha-14 years of maternity and nursing bras...that's a short time... my size has changed through the years with pregnancy and weight management issues. I've had quite a collection. Makeshift- sports bras were not comfortable to me. I have never worn a target, k-mart, or off brand bra... I need support. The latch on playtex I could release and put back with one hand. Medela can be released with one hand, but I need two hands to put it back.

Now for what I don't like... I never wore one, but it must be popular. I see it a lot. Not sure what it's called and if more than one company makes it... but I don't like when the cup is thick and "molded." What I observe is that it is hard to pull it truly out of the way so that the breast position is not distorted. Your breast should be in the natural position when the flaps are moved out of the way. If you can't get your cup out of the way, either get it out of the way, or consider another style. Newborns need your breast and nipple to be in natural position and no fabric in the way of learning to latch.

Disclaimer: I currently sell Medela bras in my office. When I run out of inventory I am not stocking up again. It's too much to keep up with all the different styles, colors, and sizes. I don't have space for the inventory. I am not paid for this review. 


Katie said...

I'm personally in love with Anita nursing bras (I have to get them at Nordstroms--or order them online)...

Trish said...

I tried and LOVED the Bravado bras. Apparently a lot of celebrities do too!

Cathy Anderson said...

I love the playtex nursing bra. It looks very comfortable and the prices are reasonable.

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