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Monday, June 6, 2011

Emerging David

I haven't posted an update on David's speech therapy and reading since Nov 6. Wow does time pass!
David is an emerging reader finally at 7 1/2 (practically 8). After a long break from structured lessons, we got started again in Level 3 of Barton.

I took a break because one thing after another kept me busy and I couldn't focus myself on teaching him. He didn't seem ready. He kept fighting me everytime. I decided it wasn't worth the attempt.

Neither of his brothers read ANYTHING at 7 so I decided not to be so hard on ourselves and relax.

David has coninued to go to speech therapy nearly twice a week. He has made enourmous progress since I started taking him in October. I am not sure how much longer he'll need. His speech is pretty clear, but I still feel their is benefits to be gained. He really likes Libby his therapist. She's found lots of ways to reward him with motor activities, puzzles, and games. He has benefitted in more than on way from speech therapy.


that is a key phrase for David.

He is good at everything I give him to do:
hoola hoop
jump rope
tree climbing
and of course karate (black belt by the end of the year if all goes well)

It gives me plenty of opportunity to tell him how good he is at everything he does.

Finally he has asked me to do reading leassons. He eagerly went through the first lessons (blends at the end) in level 3. I see that he will eagerly get through the next few lessons which is familiar material from his speech therapy work.

I made a few modifications with handwriting and the dictation of phrases and sentences. I wrote it out and asked him to read my handwriting and copy it. I just don't think he is quite ready this lesson to write a dictated sentence.

He's atteneded some Science camp this summer and is loving a building set called Snap Circuits and built a radio at with what he learned at camp.

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