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Friday, September 30, 2011

Vitamin D update

I have tested 7 lactating mothers who have babies between 6 weeks and one year.

So far all the mothers have sub-optimal Vitamin D levels.

All live here in the Treasure Coast (or are close). (This is South Florida, in case you don't know). All are involved in La Leche League and educated on this controversy about giving Vit D supplements to  babies.

I do not have any fully breastfed babies tested yet.... Veins to small, don't want to put a healthy baby through that, and other reasons, it's not getting done.

I have one supplemented baby who tested adequate who also takes Vitamin D.

I have been testing a lot of adults who are not lactating. Many come back low.

I am not making any scientific or clinical conclusion yet. I think we all need an Rx to go to the beach this weekend!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adoption Protocol for Breastfeeding

I have recently had a cluster of consults for induced lactation for adopting a newborn. I want to lay out some thoughts.
I follow the protocols from
Here is a link to the regular protocol.

There is no typical "adoption."
Everyone's situation is so uniquely different.

Not all women are adopting because they are infertile. Some want to expand their family both biologically and through adoption.

I often asked the adopting parents to consider how they feel about approaching the healthy birthing mom to express some colostrum or provide breastmilk. One of the most recent mothers found out about induced lactation because the birthing mother told about induced lactation. Some birthing moms are even willing to let the baby latch and suckle. This would be the best for the baby. Some people raise concern that the birthing mom will experience strong attachment and change her mind. I don't know if this concern is founded.

I learned from another mom, that her adopted child nursed better than her biologic children! This mom is planning a twins adoption now and starting the protocol again.

Some moms don't mess with herbs or prescriptions and just put the baby to breast with a supplemental nursing system. They may have had not enough time or just don't want the medication. Even if you used the protocol, it is still a good idea, to be familiar with this option to meet the babies full nutrient needs in case your supply isn't fully in. Medela makes a supplemental nursing system and ( I do have the supplies of both systems in stock, if you like to look at them.)

What to supplement a newborn with if you can't bring in your own full supply?
Birthing mom's milk, donated milk, make your own formula, commercially prepared formula.

Most moms don't know the ways to get breastmilk.
1)Once involved in a local breastfeeding support group many woman find other local moms with extra stored. 2)Facebook has a group with Human Milk for Human Babies (this is Florida, you can search for your region) where those in need can find those with donations. 3)There are pasteurized milk banks (expensive and not enough of them, mostly serving the needs of a hospitalized preemies, special situations, and research), and 4)For-profit milk banks (I do't know enough about these). I am biased towards the first two choices.

Get yourself a sling or babywrap to promote bonding and milk production. It's a great idea to attend a LLL meeting and have the support of an IBCLC lined up.

If you have a medical condition or concern, I may also be able to help you with approaches that won't interrupt breastfeeding.

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