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Monday, November 7, 2011

Vitamin D in Florida

I "absorbed" everything I could about Vit D at the conference, met the authors, and bought the book with all the research
I really want to show that we don't all need to supplement our baby in Florida, however, almost everyone, all ages, I test is sub-optimal.  I hope to get it set up soon that I can do Vitamin D testing by fingerstick. That way I can check more babies.

The current recommendation is that we begin to supplement our babies with 400 iu shortly after birth.
If  you are going to choose not to give your baby a Vit D supplement. This is what you can do yourself. With my current clinical experience I believe this would be effective.

Get Sunshine, both mom and baby
Take 4000 iu while pregnant
Take 6400 iu during lactation. This is the amount it takes to get 400 iu into the breastmilk daily. 
Take surf lessons. :)

For darker skinned women in Florida this is especially important. Perhaps over time and with increase awareness we can redefine what is best for all women and babies and minimize supplement exposure.

I have not seen Ricket's. Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. If you want to boost your immunity Vit D is important.

I also believe in gut integrity. I want nothing in the babies gut but breastmilk. I want the gut to seal off and mature with several months of exclusive breastfeeding whenever possible.  The "seal" has benefits long beyond the duration of breastfeeding. I really hope to reconcile the need for D and maintaining gut integrity.

With awareness preconception and during pregnancy, I hope we can keep our D levels up.


New Insights Into Vitamin D: During Pregnancy, lactation & Early Infancy
Wagner, Taylor, Hollis

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