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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tongue- Tie Tale

True Story:
this was this week
Mother's nipples hurt during latch of newborn and ended up pointy like a lipstick.
Nurses told mother that the baby looked tongue-tied. They recommended checking with the IBCLC.  ((Yay, for the nurses!))

IBCLC confirmed the tongue-tie. Referred her to me. ((Right-on!))
PEDIATRICIAN even confirmed it was tongue-tie!! He referred to ENT!

ENT scheduled baby to have frenotomy relaeased in out-patient center. :(
Mom's nipples still hurt.
Out-patient surgery center notified parents that they don't take newborns. Either they can re-schedule at 6 months or go to the operating room.

Waiting won't help breastfeeding TODAY.
Anesthesia is not necessary.

Mom came to me. Determined to breastfeed.
She explained all this to me. Showed me the baby's tongue and her lipstick shaped nipple after latching.

A very simple snip in the office released the frenulum.
The baby went to breast.
No pain.
No lipstick shape to the nipple.
Everyone Lived Happily Ever After.
The end.


gentledoula said...

Yay! Another miracle in the world of breastfeeding: attentive healthcare providers and a persistent mom!

Betty said...

Wow! After reading the websites you directed me to today after our visit with you, I really do think Josephine has a PTT. We'd like to clip it ASAP, even tomorrow if it's good for you. I will call the office in a.m. Hopefully I won't look like a lipstick either!

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