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Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's New Here at Permission to Mother

Over the New Year's Weekend in my blog reader, I noticed a lot of blog authors reposting their favorite blog post of the year. It made me realize how long it has been since I have added anything here. My kids don't like me taking their photos and they like more privacy. I get that. Although I do plan to update about their homeschooling and other activities very relevant, I am not using this so much to update family and friends. I will use it for birth, breastfeeding, and homeschooling mostly.

I've been actively following a facebook group for the La Leche League of the Treasure Coast. We have over 200 enthusiastic mothers standing up for their breastfeeding and asking tons of questions to make good choices. I love seeing so many involved mothers in one place!

I've been to two breastfeeding conferences this fall. I am planning to attend a morning conference in Miami geared towards baby-friendly and physicians this weekend.

I've been going to some local LLL meetings and events. I have an events tab up above on my blog. I like meeting you and seeing your babies out of the office, so hope to see you there!

In my office we have moved from paper charts to EMR (electronic medical records). This continues to be a big transition.

I frequently get e-mail like this:

I received your name from a local IBCLC after being horrified by my current ped's advice. After taking a look at your website, I really hope you can make room for my baby and I in your practice. Here is our situation...

We exclusively breastfeed, cloth diaper, and babywear, and I consider myself very knowledgeable in all 3 areas. Breastfeeding is extremely important to us and I plan on doing baby led weaning.

Now at 6 months, she hasn't gained anything since 4 months. We question vaccines. We'd like to have an opinion from someone else on vaccines, weight gain, etc...

PLEASE be our new doctor!!! 

I carefully keep tabs of the amount of active patients in my practice. I leave space each week to offer appointments to those moms who share the same beliefs as I. I hope to fill ALL those spaces with moms and babies who need well visits or consults.

Another question I get asked:

We don't go to the doctors much, but it would be nice to establish with a doctor just in case something comes up. Can my family come to you without getting caught up with vaccine schedules and other demands.

I am very flexible. I know there are many families who take good care of themselves. I know that they don't get sick much and have remedies they use before calling a doctor. That is the goal! You take care of yourself. I only make recommendations and/or support you your choices. As long as we have good communication and what kind of situations you may need medical care, I find this flexibility works. 

So despite the blog being quiet, I've have not been.   One more thing... I don't know why I have problems with fonts and laying out photos. It doesn't make it fun to blog. When the fonts and spacing  are no longer easy to deal with. I can easily kill a lot of time figuring out what is wrong with the spacing, but I am going to hit publish now...Sigh.

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