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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Herbs for Low Milk Supply

Without touch, skin-to-skin, which includes dad's touch, babywearing, co-sleeping, and co-bathing, nothing else will work.

You heard me say co-sleeping, right? This is so important. At least be open to the idea.

I am very familiar with Motherlove More Milk Plus with or without Goats Rue.

1)Goats Rue is actually beneficial in the last month of pregnancy if you have a good reason to suspect you will have a low milk supply. I have kept Motherlove  products at the office. It's all organic. Goat's Rue builds up glandular tissue. Motherlove herbs are in-stock.

2)Go-lacta. If you go to website there is a link to a study. In The Phillippine Journal of Pediatrics, done in 2000, N=68 pumping NICU moms. You can also take this the last month of pregnancy. Go-lacta is malungayy leaf, a herb. It is high in nutrients. You can use it alone or to compliment Gaia or Motherlove. I am beyond lactation. I am adding it to my green supplememnts I take because of it's nutrient profile as one of my vitamins. I am getting good feedback on this herb.

I have it in-stock at the office.

3)Fenugreek/Blessed thistle.  I am not stocking  Gaia Lactation Support yet, because I have in-stock Motherlove products with fenugreek in them. I was always told that tinctures were the best way to take these herbs.  You would only take one or the other. You can combine one of these with the other herbal and medicinal options. I get good feedback on Gaia and Gaia/Go-lacta combo. I plan on stocking this soon.

4) I am still learning about Leptagen, let me put it out there for you.

I would love your feedback if you use any of these herbs so I can continue to learn and recommend the best products to moms.

I would love to use prescriptions as galactogogues only as the very last resort.

On a forum I read:

"I would really be interested in seeing the iodine levels in women who have IGT, as "Iodine is crucial for proper thyroid functioning and formation of all glandular tissue, including the breasts, ovaries, prostate, and uterus, he explains. ” ("~ Jennifer Tow IBCLC

If you have low milk supply, and I have a reason to check your blood, for now on I will be consider checking Iodine Levels.

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