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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Updated 6/13/12
I am reflecting on my E-mail Communication program and how it has worked the past 18 months since I started it.

I don't know that everyone realizes I offer this professional service. I started with about 15 initial families that opted-in.

I have maintained about 26- 40 since.
 I am open to new enrolls. I appreciate you opting-in voluntarily(without me sending a bill) upon approaching me electronically.

All but two are young families. I have one single man and one couple without children.

Six local families. Several two or more hours. North, South, and West: Palm Bay, Miami and Lakeland. I have a family in Arkansas! Some families have moved away and come back. Many are an hour, plus, minus away. I find the geographic diversity interesting!

All families have contacted me at least once.  One contacted me twice. Most have contacted me 6-8 times. A few --I have lost count.

Getting an appointment quickly is a benefit.Often I can e-mail you right back.

I have been able to start treatments for mastitis, bronchitis, after hours, often with quick relief with early intervention and appropriate follow-up. Many times breastfeeding is taken in to consideration. I find it very empowering to be able to help families quickly. I can reassure them quickly it is OK to continue breastfeeding. It always is....

I have been able to guide families to the walk-in or ER when symptoms are justified for that care.

I am not a phone person. E-mail is good. I find my patients can clearly explain what's going on.

I only took 5 days off from e-mail this year: Yom Kippor and holiday vacation out-of-the country. For my 24 hour break, I gave 3 days advanced noticed to all enrolled. For 5 days away, I gave a week notice. I didn't want anyone to hold off on a question that I could answer right away. For travel in the country I am still available, I don't sleep with the sound on. Technically I could miss a call, but it all has worked out.

I decided to update the structure slightly for upcoming renewals. I have posted the updated program.

A better name for it would be E-care. Reflecting that it is my commitment for electronic communication. I feel like my practice for all patients is as good as any concierge or VIP service. It's just that I take insurance. Everyone gets treated well in a holistic, minimal intervention environment and respected for their knowledge and experience they bring to their care. I don't even know if holistic concierge exists??

Several people have asked if it's an insurance replacement. It is not.  Nor is it a replacement for not being insured. I suppose that would be a full-on concierge program and something totally new for me. I would consider that on an individual basis.

I want to add a label on to my blog "E-care"  to share some stats and thoughts. I might also like to add success stories to help future patients know if it is beneficial service. It is also a place to elaborate and update.

Any feedback or concerns you have that I should take into account?


Bethany said...

We couldn't be happier to be a part of your "E-Care" program. Living more than an hour away, it is a relief to know that we can reach you with any concerns and that you respond in such a timely manner to those concerns without us having to pack up the little ones who are under the weather and drive down to the office (although we would have if you felt it was necessary). Thankfully, we have only had to contact you a few times this year and thankfully you were able to provide more than sufficient care thru e-mail and a call to the pharmacist if needed. It has worked out extremely well for our family.

Prior to this program I was pondering whether we should try to seek out a Dr. who is more local "just in case" all the while knowing that I would have a hard time finding a local physician who takes on a holistic/integrative approach, who is well versed in HEALTHcare, and who knows us without our charts the way you do. I am very thankful that this program allows us to keep a family Dr. who understands and promotes those ideals. I was also impressed that after the last time I contacted you for care for Brayden, you took the initiative to contact ME a day later to find out how Brayden was feeling.

Becky R said...

I think this is amazing!

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