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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scott and his Shuggie's

That's a sugar glider in Scott's pocket. They are nocturnal and it so hard to get a descent photo of them. This photo is precious if you ask his biased mother. If you look closely there is one in the back right pocket under his hand, also,  just barely peaking out. A shuggie, a sugar glider, is a little marsupial. Scott hates when I describe them as a small possums or bat-like with fur. Really they are more like kangaroos or koalas. When not in his pockets, they have a safe cage with a pouch, wheel and perch.

But the point is marcupial's have pouches to carry their young. And many other animal babies come equipped to know how to cling to their mom's back when traveling. Human moms don't have pouches and babies don't have the equipment to hang on. But our human babies do like being held in carriers that keep them close to mom's heart and when older they do like being held up on moms back gaining a great perspective (vs being in a stroller).

Scott's pets like being in the pockets of his shirt. That is how they bond with him. He also has fleece slings he can tote them around in together in the same pouch. .

Often mothers are afraid that babywearing, extended breastfeeding, extended co-sleeping "spoil" the baby. That's ok by me if "spoiled rotten" means a 14 year old (almost) understanding the importance of bonding and touch and applies it to raising and training his animals. We often only hear about bad outcomes of teenagers. The gentle love that babywearing, breastfeeding, babywearing in the early years may instill values that get paid forward.

1 comment:

Abby G said...

awesome. I hear so often (of my now 1 year old, who is still SO YOUNG) that I am spoiling him by still nursing him, sleeping with him, and wearing him...
I just want him to be secure. And he is. We love your blogs and your own words b/c you confirm these thoughts!

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