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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Treasure Coast Babywearing Group

Do you know we have a Treasure Coast Babywearing group?  You can find the group on-line at facebook. You can find them in real life often at the  Treasure Coast Mall on many Tuesdays around noon in the food court/play area. They are also going to have a class room setting meeting towards Vero once a month. I love the idea of them meeting at the mall. I went to the mall to observe about mothering and strollers when I was pregnant 16 years ago. How I wish I ran into this group then.

I didn't do to good wearing my first son. I was getting better with the ring sling with Scott. When David was a baby I did ok in Georgia without support. When David and I moved down to Florida. He was about 8 months old, I had support and my doulas started experimenting with different patterns that I sold in the office. Then the Baby Wearing DVD came out and I was an expert in non padded ring slings. There are other options like the 5 yard woven wrap (as Jade is wearing). The Mei Tai is a good one. Then there are buckle varieties like Ergo. There are so many I can't keep up anymore.

If you go to any big event like the county fair, farmer's market, or the parade, you are likely to run into BABYWEARERS. Our group is getting big. Mom's are really catching on. Not that the group formally meets in all these places, but babywearing makes it easy for moms to get out and have fun. We are visible.

I don't currently have slings available in my office now because there are so many options to consider, But I am working on it and considering it. Let me tell you a story about the very last sling in my office... Jade came in and tried it on. It is a beautiful sling. In my heart I knew it was too long for her. She wanted it and I made peace with myself that she seemed satisfied but praying that she wouldn't twist an ankle over the long tail. Next time I see her she sewed on a button and loop so she doesn't trip over the end. The next thing I know she is attending Babywearing Certification. As my teens would say *facepalm*. I am so embarrassed that I sold a soon-to-be Babywearing Expert a ring sling way too long for her. Me and Jade can laugh about it now and she says it is one of the many things that that enticed her to pursue Certification in babywearing. I am still comfortable helping you with a ring sling-- really I am  and I will tell you honestly if it is too long. I am so glad to have Jade and the Treasure Coast Babywearing group to refer you to for all the new wraps and twists.

 In the first photo Jade is wearing her woven wrap. I just admire how securely and neatly she has it tied.  I have no more little baby. so I "stole" Maverik and Jade's textured ringsling to see if I can still "do it." I passed Jade's inspection. Whew! ( Seeing the photo, I'd put the rings a little higher.)

To the right is Maverik with his mom, Tara. He was happy to go back to her arms. And the other mom is Tara, too. They are both wearing locally made slings.Dr. Prann's mother made the one I tried on and Tara has on one by Marina. ( I hope I have given all credit wear credit is due.) Abby took some photos.

Baby's like to be held. Using a carrier is good. But some of them are crotch danglers and not good for the baby's hip and spine. So there is better and best. (Worst is not holding your baby at all. or just propping.) Treasure Coast Babywearing can help you with better and best.

Please join us on Facebook "Treasure Coast Babywearing."

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