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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amber Bead Necklaces

Photo by Susie Faughnan
I've learned a lot about Amber Bead Necklaces recently. Like everyone else, I wondered if they really worked when I first was aware of the crunchy moms in my practice putting them on their babies. That was several years ago. Since, I've heard many  moms insist that the teething necklaces decreased the drool and fussiness and improved their baby's quality of sleep. I kept hearing how  it had to be Genuine, Raw, Baltic Amber, Light as possible is the best for teething. Before I placed my second order I reconsidered if it had to be raw and "as light as possible." When you start re-questioning, the moms have said they all get the job done.

From all the feedback I get about the necklaces, I honestly think it doesn't matter raw vs polished, dark vs light. 

I hear how adults want a necklace too for carpal tunnel, neck pain, help them sleep better.

I have found out is is very hard to find raw necklace 18 inches and above. Everything I have found in longer lengths is polished. If you have found them let me know.  For adults who truly wanted raw, they have screwed two shorter ones together.

At least from this Lithuanian company. There may be "imitators" out there? I say you should get what ever your personal preference is and that's why I got more variety with my second order. I'd love your opinion on this.

Perhaps, the amount of anti-inflammatory activity in the light may be "a little" more than in the dark, but is it significant. Doubtful.

The most popular question I get is; "Can you leave it on at night?" They baby ones are designed for 2 months old and above. They work when your skin warms the amber to reduces inflammation. At night when you are warm seems to me to be the most beneficial time to wear a necklace. Removing for sleep seems to me to be reducing the optimal benefit. I believe disclaimers "not intended for sleep" are legal disclaimers. Yet, you have to what your instincts and comfort level are. Take it off at night if you want, but you may lose some benefit. I know that some moms keep it on the baby's ankle at night. That is a compromise. An ankle doesn't seem to be as warm as the neck and chest and certainly not the same proximity for teething benefits. There is a knot between each bead. It is not a chain that can snap and the beads go everywhere.

They can be cleaned with damp cloth and warm water.

So my husband decided to give it a try and twisted two 12 inch ( dark chips) chains together to make a 24 inch chain. Within 10 minutes like he discovered gold, he said "it works"! Then he went to sleep. :) I was happy.

My office is well stocked and the best bet is to come by during office hours.


Paula said...

I used one on my son (fifth baby) and definitely noticed a difference when he was teething and wearing it over when he wasn't wearing it. I started wearing one for my carpal tunnel and I've found it beneficial. It took the intense aching down to a manageable dull sensation.

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...


Courtney J. Brock said...

I think that we need to care our babies from every corner and it's important as well when they are toddler or just having instinct. One of my friend suggested me to use Amber Beads and I really found benefit as well.

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