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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More About Pre-Folds

I am so excited by how many babies I see in cloth diapers... more are in cloth than in paper.

Since my post I realized how little is known about pre-folds-

Prefolds (the flat rectangle):

Pros: Tried and true, not a fad. They are cost effective and customizable. They easily fold into thirds and a velcro or snap cover (bumkins or bummis are examples of two brands) holds them in place (no pins required). As long as the cover is clean it can be used again. The covers dry quickly. It is easy to fold into thirds. For boys any extra is doubled (6 layers) in the front. For girls the extra length would be folded in the back.

They come in 4 sizes and you never out grow the previous size. The smaller sizes become liners for the bigger sizes or for most of the modern diapers. As a liner it also makes it possible to use the next size up All-in-One by lining it to fit. And as you know they also can be used as burp clothes, car rags, house dusters, forever. They are easy to wash, dry, and store. The first 2 sizes work best for under 10-15 pounds. Five pound babies can be clothed diapered without leaking. This is the best diaper for small babies. The largest size goes for beyond 35 pounds if you have a late bloomer or bed wetter. You can even layer 2 large ones to make them have more coverage ( I know this too well.)

It's a great way to start cloth diapering if you are unsure since it is inexpensive. It is also a great way to inexpensively add a little more fluff to your stash in case you miss a laundry day.

They look great on a clothes line(they do!)

If you are motivated to use Diaper pins, these are the ones you want! I can help you with your pre-folds under covers, but I can't help you with the pins.

Cons: Watch out for imitators that are filled with polyester and not layers of absorbent cotton. Only skill necessary is folding into thirds. The biggest mistake is not moving up to the next size.


Current Inventory and Prices (updated 6/22/12)

Bumkins, print, double gusset at legs
Photo by Kim Williams

Quick Drying Covers  (Bummis and Bumkins, vecro and snaps, single and double gussets) white and print, boys, and girl!!)   $10 each
(use over bamboozle, prefolds, or use smaller bumkins size as swim diaper)

preemie 6-10 pounds                       5
newborn 9-16                                 2
medium 15-23                                14
large      22-35                               18                           
toddler    over  35 pounds                 7

All-in-Ones (whites and prints) $10 each!!! (you may use all alone)

Bumkins (mostly white, a few prints left)
All-in-One      5 mediums 12-22 pounds
                    6 grande     32-42 pounds

Photo by Christine Lopez
Bamboozle   only 7 left
size 2 (fits 12-35 pounds) $18.00 each, 10% off 5 or more

Swim diapers  $10 each
I have 2 small prints ones, 9-15 pounds 
Bumkins covers in a smaller size could be used as Swim Covers--More in the next post.

Cotton liners for extra absorbency to fit inside other diapers. $0.50 each 

Four sizes of pre-folds
1) Preemie (up to 10 pounds) 1.00 each
2) Newborn(up to 15 pounds) 2.00 each
3) Regular (over 15 pounds)   2.50 each
4) Toddler  (over 35 pounds)  3.00 each

A preemie can be fully clothed diapered with 3-4 covers and 20 diapers.  That is $60 or under and a great way to get started. And a baby under 15 pounds can get started for $80 or under. 

Once you get used to cotton, you won't what to go back to scratchy paper.

All the diapers I have has been a big secret, because I've been way to busy. With all the interest in cloth diapers, I don't expect any of this inventory to last long. 


Leanna said...

I love pre-folds. I even got some bum genius from a friend but I rarely use those. Pre-folds are very helpful for EC (elimination communication).

Becky R said...

I always found prefolds so easy. I use a snappi instead of pins. Or in certain covers no snappi at all just fold and lay prefold in cover. I don't understand why anyone would use disposable diapers (even without a washer you can wash in sink.) And I think they look so cute hanging on the line too.

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