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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week/ Back to Bed

Natacha and son at LLL parenting Conference
For World Breastfeeding Week I thought I'd ramble on this blog. I'll try for most days. I want to cover the topic of bedsharing while I ramble on.

I am proud of my local community for all the breastfeeding events going on in this area. We have a Latch-on event at the Civic Center this Saturday, Aug 4th at 10. Our facebook LLL group has over 450 members. I expect there will be a good show. I helped sponsor it and was offered a table. I didn't want to commit to a table. I thought if I can make it, I just want to have fun without responsibilities.  The latch-on is an event to break the record for how many babies can be breastfeeding at one time. Maybe I am jealous that I don't have a nursling, but I do think it is a little strange that only latched babies count. I'd like for all supporters to count, but it's not such a big deal to me to make a big deal about it.

Once upon a time I couldn't wait till the monthly LLL came. We have so many LLL events (babywearing, ITAV, play groups, birth-ed and more in our community), that one could practically go to a meeting everyday. Most of these Treasure Coast groups have a group on facebook which keeps us in touch 24/7. It is really exciting to see.

By reading the groups myself I learn so much about what concerns mothers. One big concern is bedsharing. I literally mean with the baby in the crook of your arms or on top of you all night (or most of the night.) Some are scared that the baby is too little. I understand that, but your baby will grow. Some are concerned that the baby will be spoiled or never out grow it. You can't spoil a child by providing reassurance and human touch. Does it really matter if your older child wants to cuddle with you at night, be read to, laugh with you in the morning. Don't you want to see that angelic sleeping face? I love when my kids have slept near me. One day recently I wasn't feeling well and stayed in bed and my older child was reading a page turner and brought the dog and book in to be near me. I love watching my older child read and comfort me with his presence and availability. It was like my nurturing came full circle.

For World Breastfeeding Week reconsider your sleeping arrangements and do what is best for your family.

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