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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lavender, Orange and Peppermint Essential Oils... and Beyond....

Carrie Thompson, Guest Blogger
Denise introduced me to essential oils last year. We started adding peppermint and orange to our water. We liked the flavor. We also knew the oils added a lot of antioxidants. Everything was good.

Then... I got a hold of lavender.  I dabbed a little on my neck and chest. I noticed how calming it was. I had heard stories that lavender essential oils was calming at births... not just for the mother, but everyone calmed down. I had heard that lavender was good to rub on babies feet to relax them. I decided to try the lavender on my "older" babies feet. We all noticed soothing effects, even on the teens. One mother told me her 4 year old loved the lavender so much, he looked forward to his massage and winding down before bedtime, and fighting sleep decreased. She said that now the bedtime routine was much more enjoyable.

Then I got curious if essential oils could help headaches. I learned that dabbing peppermint oil on the temples can help. A friend gave my a sample of doTerra Peppermint Essential Oil. I loved the aroma. I liked it even better than my first peppermint oil from another company. I held both bottles up to Denise when she arrived to see if she preferred one over another. She knew what I was doing as she immediately said she had made this observation on her own. She said she was enjoying the peppermint more now because it didn't overwhelm her Chocolate Bliss smoothie. She was so inspired she has been enjoying the lavender essential oil in a diffuser at home and at the office.

My favorites include lemon essential oil in my water and a blend of essential oils called Slim & Sassy in my water. I am in school and I wanted to become an doTerra Independent Product Consultant (IPC) to get the discount and opportunity for free products. Since, my up-line has shared with me a book called Modern Essentials and I am learning even more about the benefits of essential oils. As a full-time student I don't have much time to meet quotas and other requirements doTerra does not require a minimum sales amount, thus, there is no pressure and I can learn about essential oils and share at my own pace. This experience has been so much fun empowering myself with home remedies.

What really is cool is that Denise signed up to be an IPC. Together we are both learning, improving health and having fun. It's neat that she can reinforce the benefits from a medical side and help me use less medication. I know that a lot of women also ask if essential oils are safe with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Overall, yes in small quantities if your not sure -- each drop is powerful--  they improve your sense of well-being. I have already noticed that many of her patients are using them, but I am not a doctor and this is my guest post. I am going to encourage you to ask Denise when you have your consult. I am certain that she would help you find what's best for you. She may have testers in her office and if you happen to visit me in NY, I have samples too.
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We both have direct links if you want to check it out. The links also offer opportunity for your discount by membership or as a consultant.

~Carrie Thompson
Punger Family Medicine

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Eddie said...

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